Denzel Washington Would Make Arnold Schwarzenegger Insecure With His Lethal Tank Skills as He Beat American Soldiers in Firing Tanks

Denzel Washington never does anything by halves and his utmost dedication to his projects has earned him the title of one of the greatest actors of this era. And 1996’s Courage Under Fire is one of the biggest testaments of the actor’s determination to deliver justice to his roles, which involved him using an actual tank.

Playing the role of Lt. Nathaniel Serling in the acclaimed War Drama, which is considered one of the best War movies of the 90s, Washington pulled no punches depicting the self-assured Army tank commander. And this involved the actor learning some adequate skills about handling a tank, which would even put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger along with his M-47 Patton tank

Denzel Washington’s Outshot Soldiers in Firing Tanks

While Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the biggest action star in Hollywood and can adequately operate a tank, thanks to his days in the military, Washington can go toe to toe with the actor’s latter skills. Despite not having any prior military experience like Schwarzenegger, who served in the Austrian Army as a tanker, Denzel Washington went on to learn the required skills to operate a tank for Courage Under Fire. This involved the actor attending one of  America’s most prestigious military academies, where he had a wonderful time and even managed to outrank some of their soldiers.

“I actually outshot some of their soldiers,” he said.

This further cements the point why Denzel Washington is one of the best in the business, as his utmost dedication to the characters he is playing is applaudable

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Denzel Washington | Courage Under Fire (1996)
Denzel Washington | Courage Under Fire (1996)

Denzel Washington’s Perspective About the Armed Forces Changed After Training

But operating a tank wasn’t the only thing Denzel Washington learned during his days in one of the most prestigious military academies in America. Reflecting on his experience, The Equalizer Star explained that his perspective on the armed services changed throughout the process of his training, as he flowered them with utmost respect.

“The one thing I kept finding out about these men and women is that they’re not just cardboard Rambos.” Washington said. “I heard the word integrity used more than ever before. I think we civilians can learn a lot about people in the armed services.”

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Denzel Washington.
Denzel Washington.

And even though Denzel Washington is famous for his versatility, he is also not slowing down in the action landscape like Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his The Equalizer 3 opening to rave reviews.

Courage Under Fire is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

Source: Jet Magazine

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