Detecting future COVID-19 surges is now are the options

The end of the new coronavirus infection nationwide public health emergency The method has changed significantly. coronavirus data are collected and reported.familiar and colorful Community level reportsgraphs showing fluctuating cases, and the annoying smartphone notifications that helped guide people through the first three years of the pandemic are all but gone.

As of Thursday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention neither tracks nor publishes daily new case data, as states are no longer required to report such figures. Instead, the CDC changed its policy. surveillance activities Towards monitoring weekly coronavirus-positive hospitalizations and deaths.

“We will continue to monitor the developments of COVID-19,” said CDC Chief Deputy Director Nirakh Shah. briefing session. “Even if you don’t count every snowflake anymore, you still know it’s snowing,” Shah said.

Doctors and public health officials have long argued that the number of infected people is no longer a reliable indicator of a pandemic due to the widespread use of rapid at-home tests that rarely report results.

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