Dino Crisis deserves a remake more than ever


Feelings after beating EA Motive wonderful Dead Space remake It was directed at Capcom. resident evil Franchise since 2019 Resident Evil 2 Remake — but somehow refuses to dig into Dino Crisis Among the AAA horror video game revivals, there are remakes and all-new ones.

Yes, horror games never went away, thanks to passionate indie studios and independent developers. dead space 3 and half-hearted reaction resident evil 6Both games leaned too heavily on the action side as opposed to the indie horror of the time. Plus, at a time when most players were sticking to riffs, there really didn’t seem to be any demand for other classic horror his franchises to make a major comeback. amnesia and long lastingTraditional survival horror felt pretty dead… until 2017.

Resident Evil 7 helped usher in a new era for Capcom's iconic horror franchise.

we can claim that Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil It was a major inflection point for AAA horror games in general. Turns out there was an interest in the classic survival horror experience, and people were bored early in his decade with what belonged to more messy storylines and extreme set pieces than usual. gears of war Other pure action titles with a tinge of horror elements. It had to reinject a sense of genuine dread into such a massive franchise as: resident eviland RE7‘s success also served as a wake-up call for the genre as a whole.

Fast forward to 2023 and resident evil The franchise has made a huge comeback thanks to continued interest RE7an excellent sequel Resident Evil Villageand remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. resident evil 4 remakean installment that still feels like a modern and fully playable remake. Dead Space The remake proves there’s a widespread demand for good old survival horror to take over digital horror once again.

Resident Evil 4 is the latest game in the franchise to receive the remake treatment from Capcom.

Konami also paid attention to this revival, silent hill From some new games and the death of Bloober Team silent hill 2 remakeIt only seems fitting that a former indie studio is taking over a huge chunk of horror IP after years of keeping horror alive with its original titles (quality aside). .

So what happened? Dino CrisisClearly Capcom is back in the business of churning out new AAA horror bangers as fast as humanly possible, and veteran horror fanatics are pretty vocal about more.? Dino Crisis (whether new or old) as far as I can remember. moreover, video game dinosaur – and the media in general – media became popular again after Universal’s financial success. Jurassic Park movie franchise. This includes the first fan-made HD remaster. Dino Crisis and tried a remake of the second game with reworked gameplay.

In recent years, due to the trend of rebooting RE7 and village makes the most sense for Dino Crisisas players are now accustomed to both horror and gun porn from a first-person perspective. Dino Crisisborrow tricks from both resident evil and Dead Spacewhich is currently the safest method.

Stefano Cagnani has partially remade Dino Crisis 2 in Unreal Engine 4.  Dino Crisis is Capcom's forgotten PS1 survival horror classic that deserves a remake.

A lot has been written (and written) Weaponized nostalgiathe creative plague that is currently infecting the film and video game industries alike. But sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. dino crisis 3.

wait, there was a third Dino CrisisYeah we don’t blame you if you didn’t know that or had completely erased it from your brain. DC3, only mutations that originated partially from dinosaur DNA. And second, it was a goofy sci-fi shooter set in space. Capcom felt the need to move away from the original “city under siege” scenario, so it’s a wild creative turn reportedly caused by the 9/11 attacks. Somehow, I felt that they were too similar.

The scripts for the first two games weren’t Shakespearean either, but they moved around effortlessly. RE We never lose sight of the level of silliness and tension and occasional jump scares. dino crisis 1 and 2 and the first two Dead Space games; both series saw jumps from alien To alien In the realm of sci-fi horror, you can enjoy greater action and world-building while retaining what made the original entry work so well.

Exoprimal is a team-based online action game that pits humanity's most advanced exosuit technology against the most ferocious beasts in history: the dinosaurs.

I almost had a heart attack last year when Capcom was announced outer primitive, is a wall-to-wall PvPvE shooter featuring dinosaurs and other nonsense falling from the sky.It looks pretty fun, but you can’t blame me for immediately thinking it was something the Capcom guys brought. Dino Crisis I’m back just for the ridiculous online third-person shooter.i.e. they also have veteran DC Producer and co-designer Hiroyuki Kobayashi working on it.

The first trailer for the yet-to-be-released game troll that adds salt to the wounds Dino Crisis A quick look at the red-haired woman, who looks like a modern take on Regina, the OG Blaster of Dinosaurs, made fans even more enraged. outer primitive And the long-dormant prehistoric horror franchise is irrelevant, Dino Crisison the way home?

Capcom doesn’t seem immediately interested in remaking or rebooting this IP, but I choose to stay hopeful, especially after the continued success of reimagined horror classics. Online noise about old games that could use paint and polished gameplay is already kickstarting multiple big remakesso I keep banging on this drum. Because the game environment has never been better for bloodthirsty dinosaurs roaring again.

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