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Sit at a table overlooking the Tasman Sea, eat a delicious lobster roll, and scan the nearby rocks for tiny penguins, fur seals, and southern right whales that migrate to and from Antarctica.

In many ways, this epitomizes the magic of the island of Tasmania off Australia’s southern coast. Roughly the size of Switzerland, Tasmania’s landscape is a mashup of mountains, pristine coastlines and rolling fields, the only land area in the world that has been blown up by Roaring 40, and has the cleanest air on earth. claim to be. This is a wild place filled with artisanal farms, enterprising fishermen, ingenious winemakers and entrepreneurial chefs, and the possibilities seem endless.

The Lobster Shack Loving work in Bicheno, Tasmania by Sarah Hess and Marcus Wochem, who hail from a family of Tasmanian fishermen. Their lobster rolls are made with freshly caught Southern Rock lobster. “At the time, all the lobsters we caught were exported to China, and you couldn’t buy them here,” said Wochem when he opened in 2017. Now one of the world’s most dramatic restaurants, he sells more than 25,000 lobster rolls a year and has lines out the door.

I stayed in the capital Hobart for a few nights and checked in Tasman, the city’s newest hotel and first 5-star hotel and a member of The Luxury Collection. Its rooms are stately, elegant and serene, with the best rooms offering harbor views. There is a lively bar called Mary, Mary, is the perfect place to sip Tasmanian bubbles like Arras and sip half a dozen Boomer Bay oysters while watching crowds as chicly dressed as everyone else in Manhattan.After the aperitif was over, everyone slipped into the light-filled room next door for dinner. Peppina, has a central bar with its large glass and steel windows, brick walls and greenhouse-style ceilings. The sophisticated Hobart Set offers sophisticated, authentic Italian cuisine under the guidance of Tasmanian-born, Neapolitan-raised Massimo his mele. The seats are side by side, so you can easily see the crowd.

A 15-minute drive from downtown, the Cole River Valley is home to rolling hills, water coves, many vineyards with cellar doors, and Australian-speaking tasting rooms.we had lunch at Frogmore Creek, wineries, and wineries with glass-enclosed restaurants overlooking vineyards that could rival Napa Valley. Tasting sparkling Arras, sampling scallop and salmon ceviche, and from 2022 he moved to 42-degree South Shiraz for a fortified NV Ruby Pinot Noir that tasted like liquid Christmas pudding.

my favorite hotel in the city MACq 01, a lovely 4-star hotel with an odd name perched on a jetty jutting into Hobart’s magical harbor, offering panoramic views of the city, including Mount Wellington looming over the city. The best rooms are huge, well appointed with stylized modernist furniture and have large balconies designed to make you feel like you’re on a ship.

Hobart’s waterfront welcomes visitors with its restaurants and shops. There was a serenade of ship horns all day long. This is because it continues to be a fishing port with tugboats and fishing boats coming and going. Further out in port, we saw sailing vessels tacking up and practicing their maneuvers for the famous Sydney-Hovert race, which starts in a few weeks.that took me to the fun parts of the city Maritime Museum of Tasmania Dive into a crammed but orderly seafaring lair called peter johnston ship chandlers, imagined that if I had that in mind, I would travel around the world on a yacht. Instead, buy a duffel bag designed for your bad-weather gear and Salamanca Marketa Saturday morning facility, with about 200 stalls filled with crafts, artwork, groceries and tins of Tasmanian honey along the waterfront.

Walking distance from MACQ 01 – Everything is within walking distance in Hobart – Landscape Restaurant & GrillLocated in the Henry Jones Art Hotel in the former 19th century IXL Jam Factory in Hobart’s Hunter Street waterfront precinct. Starting with an elegant room filled with wooden timber and stone walls and a dish that includes a filet of wild grass-fed Cape Grimeye cooked to perfection by chef Nathaniel Embry, a few things… was noteworthy. And partly because of his 11 original landscape paintings by John Glover, a British contemporary of Turner and Constable. Glover said he emigrated to Tasmania in 1831, and his depiction of the landscape of the Virgin Islands is not only beautiful, but also a historical document of the time. His work can be seen at the Louvre and the Victoria and Albert Museum, but here in Hobart it can also be seen up close at the appropriately dimly lit Elsatz Museum Landscape.

Hobart has a small, tight-knit restaurant scene and I ate at another restaurant in the hotel. peacock and jonesI listened to a 60’s soul playlist and stumbled across a tasting menu featuring bluefin tuna and watermelon crudo, wallaby tartare, Winkley Farm pork belly, terrine and ear. Chef Julian Volkmer, in the same 19th-century rustic industrial restaurant in his Jam building at IXL, isn’t afraid to try combinations I never dreamed of. It is part of a collection of fortunately preserved buildings that give Hobart’s waterfront its unique character.

The most original and daring meal Institute Polaire, could have been a funky wine bar in New York’s East Village. After all, this is the place to serve a late-night absinthe session. The tasting menu was educational, with spanner crabs served with bottarga toast, fennel, apples and charcoal-crusted finger limes. My favorite dishes were the pasta ribbons with shimofuri and shimeji mushrooms and the exquisite smoked soy sauce soup. The wines are mostly from co-owner Nav Singh’s vineyard, Domaine Sima, and his wife and co-owner, wine writer Louise Rudman, has spent a very busy night in the kitchen and everything. was running between the tables.

On our last night I had a wonderful meal with another husband and wife team FicoFederica Andrisani is from Naples. Oscar Rossi from Tasmania. Their food crosses borders and is very loyal to local producers. Their ingenuity in the kitchen has earned them top awards in restaurants and wine lists. The dining room is relatively small. It was packed too, and it was clear that there was one seat for the multi-course tasting menu of the day that night. Our dinner featured squid gnochetti with ginger, turnip and squid strips, followed by zucchini tortellini with scallops, saffron and mint. Then took an unexpected turn with Tongola cheese panna cotta, followed by venison bolognese and amazingly delicious macaroni with pecorino. Dessert was white chocolate and yuzu sorbet with fig leaves and hibiscus. Except it wasn’t the end of the meal. Wasabi gelato with brandy snaps. The intense wasabi taste wore off quickly, but left a faintly sweet sting on my lips like a goodbye kiss as we walked out the door.

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