Disney Speedstorm: Best Unique Skills Ranked

Spanning decades of timeless movies and franchises, entertainment giant Disney’s famous characters are strapping on their seatbelts in the new car racing title that has taken the gaming world by storm. disney speed storm Featuring dozens of characters from the company’s many beloved titles. jungle book To Monsters Inc Allows characters from the Disney world to interact like never before.

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disney speed storm has a significant roster of fan favorites, including their own unique car designs, costumes, and skills that pay tribute to the productions that made them famous. and contain unique skills that give you an edge over your competitors. Of his 18 characters currently in the game, there is one that stands out among the unique skills on offer.

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Ten Bare Necessities – Bare

Two words that come to mind Any Disney fan can start singingbeloved sloth bear jungle book Offers a different, more painful rendition of Bare Necessities. Baloo’s unique skill provides both player protection and several defensive weapons to increase the distance between bears and enemies.

When Bare Necessities are triggered, Baloo becomes invulnerable for a period of time and drops rotten fruit behind him, stunning anyone he hits.Baloo’s unique skill is useful for people like this Take advantage of the bear’s speed advantage And he has some competition on his tail.

9 Horrible Roar – Sally

Sulley's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm, known as The Terrifying Roar

It’s no surprise that James P. Sullivan was Monsters Inc’s top scarer, given his terrifying physique and terrifying roar.one of the dynamic duo that brought Monsters Inc It’s a lively movie, and Sully’s unique skills haunted by a loyal fan base make everyone on the track think he might be a nice guy, but he can also be a horrible person.

Sulley’s unique skill, Fearsome Roar, as the name suggests, causes a monstrous roar from the giant, affecting fellow racers in the immediate vicinity. Anyone close enough to hear Sally’s terrifying growl will be briefly stunned, allowing him to get ahead of his competitors.

8 Cutlass Flurry – Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm, known as Cutlass Flurry

A clumsy and charming protagonist. Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise may not be the surest member disney speed storm Although a roster, he is certainly one of the most dangerous to wield a blade. You can drive your opponent away.

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The unique skill Cutlass Flurry surrounds Sparrow with ghostly blades that stun any racer who comes in contact with his car. This skill is especially useful when the field is crowded and Sparrow’s nitro boosts his store to refill.

7 Barrage of Fireworks – Mulan

Mulan's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm, known as Fireworks Barrage

If you can defeat the leader of the Huns, the racetrack should not be able to handle it. Mulan’s unique skill, Fireworks Barrage, takes a famous scene from her self-titled film that saw the demise of Shang Yu, and applies the same principle to finish her line first. remove from her any threats to

Players using Fireworks Barrage fire multiple explosive projectiles in front of Mulan’s car. This explodes in a brilliant swarm of lights, stunning the receiving victim. This skill is especially useful for placing Mulan in advantageous positions on the field by hitting multiple enemies that stand in her way.

6 Why I… – Donald Duck

Donald Duck's Unique Skill in Disney Speed ​​Storm Called Why I Ougta...

Disney’s favorite hot-tempered duck can’t finish the race without losing his cool. This is where his unique skills come into play. Using Donald Duck’s skill, Why I Oughta, detonates Donald’s short fuse to devastating effect.

Donald’s unique skill has two approaches that emphasize protecting the ducks first, but when that fails, the racer is exposed to his trademark temper. Why do I wrap Donald in a green shield to protect him from impacts that reach his car. I can.

Five Grecian Byrne – Meg

Meg's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm called Grecian Burn

She may no longer serve the Greek god of the underworld, but Megara still has a few tricks up her sleeve. she’s not just a love interest in Disney Classic Hercules.

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When triggered, the Grecian Burn skill gives Meg a speed boost to keep her ahead of her enemies. It’s a pretty basic benefit, but what sets it apart is that the speed boost gets longer each time the player passes another racer. In situations where there is little space between racers, this skill has the potential to put Meg at the head of the pack in the blink of an eye.

Four One of the Packs – Moogle

Moogle's unique skills in Disney Speedstorm called One of the Pack

beloved boy from of jungle book Film may be one of the movie’s little characters disney speed storm Although a roster, his unique skills make him never alone. Using his skill One Of The Pack, Mowgli can be recruited. a family who adopted him to help him win his competition.

Mowgli can use his skill to summon multiple wolves to run alongside his car. As an added bonus, “Man Cub” recharges his boost supply with nitro while running the rest of the pack.

3 Enchanted Rose – Beast

Disney Speed ​​Storm's Beast's Unique Skill Enchanted Rose Summary

While it might sound like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one, Beast’s unique skill, Enchanted Rose, is anything but romantic.One of Disney’s title characters beauty and the beast Taking his anger out on the racetrack, instilling fear in any racer unlucky enough to stand in his way.

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The Enchanted Rose skill allows the Beast to unleash a loud roar that stuns fellow competitors in sight. Additionally, using this skill his 3rd time in a race will cause Beast to go into Rage Mode and grant this skill again in his box for all skills during the race. The potential for reuse makes this a very useful skill to have as part of a player’s arsenal.

2 Hold the Door – Mike

Mike Wazowski's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm called Hold the Door

a typical part of Disney’s Favorite Stories Monsters Incthe door of the famous story appeared disney speed storm To the benefit of Mike Wazowski and to the detriment of everyone else.

Players using Wazowski on the racetrack can use Hold The Door to summon multiple doors in front of their character. This allows Mike to teleport further forward in the race and gain a better position on the field. However, this works for other racers, as any other character who passes through any of his three doors summoned with this unique skill will be teleported backwards and must fill up any lost ground. I don’t.

1 Scream Collector – Randall

Randall's unique skill in Disney Speedstorm, known as Scream Collector

in the meantime his tactics proved questionable During his time as Monsters Incorporated’s top scarer, there’s no denying that Randall is one of the elite who collects the screams desperately needed to power Monstropolis.of disney speed stormRandall is again at his terrifying best, using the screams of others to advance.

Using the Scream Collector’s unique skill, Randall makes himself invisible and approaches other drivers to collect their screams. Collecting a shout from his five fellow drivers, Randall uses this energy to propel himself forward with a large increase in speed, leaving a hazy trail to compromise his opponents for a short time.

disney speed storm Now available in Early Access for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC

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