Doug Ritter RSK® Mk5 Altoids Can Survival Knife Returns for 2021


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Hey friends, cool knife buy alert!

A few years ago CRKT stopped producing the Doug Ritter RSK Mk5. This is a cool little ‘fit in Altoids Can’ survival knife.

In 2021, Smoky Mountain Knife Works will put them back in productionAccording to Doug Ritter, the knife is made in the same factory with the same exact steel as the original CRKT version, so the quality is the same.

However, these knives currently sell for half the price of the original CRKT versions, with a street price of just $11.99 from Smoky Mountain Knife Works at the time of this writing.

You won’t find an Altoids can-sized fixed blade knife built for a different purpose anywhere near the price.

Ritter and his buddies put a lot of work into developing this little knife for real world survival which you can read about at this link –

I have owned the CRKT version for many years and love it.

Aside from the fact that this knife is a great accessory for your micro survival kit, purchasing it also funds Doug’s. KnifeRights.orgis on the front lines fighting for the right to own and legally carry knives across the country.



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