E. Gene Carroll’s attorney: Trump ‘has no good reason’ to appeal

In response to the decision, Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, said the former president was “a bit confused because they have denied the rape allegations and have always claimed this was a rape case.” said it would appeal. But we move forward. ”

President Trump vented his frustrations over the case in more than a dozen posts on Truth Social, denouncing the judge’s bias, calling the case a “witch-hunt trial,” and urging anyone to find out who Carroll was. Denied.

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is who made false and completely fabricated accusations. I hope the appeal will bring justice!”

Carroll told CNN Wednesday morning that he shook Tacopina’s hand after the trial and told his lawyer, “He did it, so you know.” Tacopina smiled, but did not respond verbally.

Carroll testified that Trump raped her in a dressing room in 1996, but the jury found that Carroll failed to prove Trump committed the crime because of the superiority of the evidence.

When asked by CNN what she thought of the verdict, Carroll declined to comment to her attorney. But when I asked her again, she offered the following insight.

“Well, I immediately say in my head, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Look, that’s my answer,” she said of the rape accusation. Although Kaplan was not found guilty of rape, her sexual abuse was a “very serious crime,” she added.

Kaplan said he expects Trump’s legal team to finalize the proceedings, but expects the lawsuit to be resolved within a year.

“The court is already familiar with his delay, delay, delay strategy, so I don’t think we can delay too much here,” Kaplan told MSNBC on Wednesday. “The top expects it to take six months to a year, but if you can speed it up, it might be even faster.”

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