E. Jean Carroll Adds Trump Post-Verdict Remarks to Defamation Lawsuit

Two weeks ago, a nine-member jury ruled that Trump sexually abused Carroll in the early spring of 1996 at an upscale Manhattan department store. It also found that Trump made false statements that damaged Carroll’s reputation after he publicly disclosed his allegations in a 2019 book.

Carroll testified during her trial that Trump raped her in a changing room at a department store. Mr Trump, who is campaigning for the presidency, did not appear at the trial or testify.

A jury ruled that Carroll had not proven that she had been raped, but that Trump had sexually abused her. President Trump continues to deny that the attack took place. He said Carroll fabricated the allegations to help sell the book.

President Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, declined to comment on the new legal claims.

Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against Trump is proceeding in two separate lawsuits, one that was decided in a just-ended trial and the other until 2019, when Trump was still president. It only dealt with derogatory remarks made in 2008.

The lawsuit is linked to a still-unresolved legal appeal, in which 79-year-old Carroll added new allegations.

Carroll’s lawyers called for a speedy resolution “before Carroll’s health is preserved and Donald Trump’s time and attention are fully devoted to the presidential campaign.”

A spokeswoman for the U.S. government attorney declined to comment.

Carroll’s attorney added that “Trump is motivated by purely personal reasons, not presidential or official reasons,” adding that “Mr. Carroll is too ugly to be sexually assaulted. “Mr. Carroll falsely stated that he had previously made false allegations of sexual misconduct against others.” And although they have made up unsubstantiated stories that Carroll fabricated her accusations for money, to promote a book, or to further a political conspiracy, they have little support for those claims. I didn’t even point it out. ”

In a new allegation, Carroll’s lawyers said Trump “did not deter the jury verdict and continued to viciously slander Carroll again” at the CNN event.

“He strengthened his earlier defamatory remarks by claiming to a cheering audience, ‘I have never met this woman.’ I have never seen this woman,” he said. did not sexually assault Carroll, and her account, which had just been verified the day before by a fellow Trump juror, was a “false” and “made-up story” made up by someone. , said. It’s a terrible job. These remarks prompted enthusiastic cheers and applause from the live audience,” the lawyers wrote.

They added, “Trump used his national platform to demean and mock Carroll. He downplayed his own violent sexual assault, called Carroll by name, and said that Carroll wanted to assault him.” Allusion to the laughter of the audience overturning the jury’s verdict in Carroll’s legitimacy.”

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