Eagle Scout Award for Aryaditya (Adi) Lankipalle


Aryaditya (Adi) Lankipalle qualified to be an eagle scout His court of honor is scheduled for early 2022, at an Eagle Scout jury meeting held by the Twin Valley District of Scout BSA. He is the son of Rajani of Pleasanton and Giri Prasad Rankhipare and is a member of the VFW Post 6298-sponsored Army 998thanks to his scout master Sam Hensen for his hard work and support.

Adi has served as a Senior Patrol Leader, Instructor, Troop Guide, Chaplain Assistant, Scribe, Patrol Leader, and Assistant Patrol Leader, and has served as an active leader in his unit. He appreciates being able to acquire important life skills for every experience and demand, exploring his interests through merit badges, ranks and self-improvement, learning the ideals of Scouting, and through opportunities to make friends from the outside. , appreciated becoming a better, more moral person. The usual circle that you can trust for the rest of your life. His memories included unique experiences like scuba diving, backpacking, kayaking and caving at the Florida Sea Base. He contributes to Scoutips.com, a Scouting-related blog on Scouting skills, the outdoors, survival, and travel.

Adi is a senior at Amador Valley High School, has been in the marching band for three years, and is the Mellophones section leader. He plays in his AVHS and C concerts with his band.alifornia youth symphony Orchestra and Participation Northern California Band Directors Association Honor BandHe participates in the AVHS Investment Club and DECA and writes for Financial Magazine streetfins.com. 8 years of taekwondo experience, 3rd degree black belt, assistant instructor. He received the Presidential Service Award three years in a row for his 100+ hours of volunteer work. His interests include music, volunteerism, entrepreneurship, reading about history and politics, the outdoors, and traveling to national parks.

His Eagle project, Adi’s Clothing and Shoes Drive, organized the collection of thousands of clothes for Indian orphanages through beneficiary Spandana Foundation. Clothing was collected, washed, sorted, packed and sent to an orphanage.

His family visits India every few years to visit rural villages and schools to observe and help poor young people. Seeing the problems plaguing children in these regions, such as clean water, adequate education, and lack of clothing, he wanted to give back to the international community and his country of origin. I stumbled across the Sai Seva Trust orphanage in Telangana, which cares for hundreds of children.

Over 50 volunteers spent over 400 hours collecting, cleaning and sorting over 8,500 items of clothing and shoes. Promotions included posters, flyers, and postings on Facebook and Nextdoor. Over 20 volunteers managed the unloading zone and over 30 volunteers sorted, cleaned, folded and packed her over 100 shipping boxes. The garments were handed over to the Spandana Foundation for shipping.There were many obstacles due to the changing rules and regulations of COVID-19, as well as social interactions that demanded the adaptability of the project. Through it all, Ali has gained a lot of experience in planning and making spontaneous decisions by taking on numerous leadership roles at many stages of the project.

Adi’s life plan includes: attending a prestigious four-year college, majoring in computer science, eventually becoming an entrepreneur, starting a business as a side hustle, and retiring to become a philanthropist. To become and make a life of wealth impacting communities through education and charitable giving. He wants to raise a family with his sons and daughters and instill in them the ideals of a Scout.

To attain the rank of Eagle Scout, Scouts are active in their unit, demonstrate leadership, and earn 21 merit badges, including in the areas of citizenship, camping, communications, cooking, lifesaving or emergency preparedness. You need to earn and prove that you live by the principles. The Scout’s Oath and the Scout’s Law. You should also plan, develop, and give leadership to others for service projects that benefit your religious institution, school, or community group.

Those interested in participating in Scouting at any level can contact Michael Souza, Twin Valley District Executive. michael.souza@scouting.org

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