‘Eco-economic’ Packs Dominate Travel Lemming’s 2023 Backpacking Test

coloradoTravel Lemming, an online guide with 10 million readers, tested 8 top backpacking backpacks in a 5 day trek. The ‘eco-economy’ pack is excellent, with the Osprey Eja winning his first place.

Denver, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the summer hiking season kicks off, Travel Lemming has revealed the results of a head-to-head comparison test of the best backpacking backpacks of 2023. Eco-friendly and affordable models predominate, reflecting the post-pandemic consumer trend towards ‘eco-economic’ spending.

Editor Abigail Bliss She personally tested eight popular packs on multi-day treks in difficult weather conditions and revealed her findings in a series of videos and written backpack guide Published yesterday.

The main points are:

  • Bliss independently tested and reviewed eight popular backpacking packs on a five-day trek in the South. UtahEvaluate factors such as durability, value, comfort, functionality, and features.
  • The project emphasized eco-friendly backpack choices and considered long-term sustainability with post-consumer fabrics and a lifetime warranty.
  • The Osprey Eja / Exos series took first place with a 4.9 / 5 star rating. Bliss appreciated the eco-friendly design and value of the backpack made from 100% recycled materials. $240 Price and lifetime warranty.
  • Other highly rated eco-friendly hiking packs include: Gregory Maven / The Paragon Series was rated “Best for Organizations” and the REI Co-Op Flash 55 was rated “Most Customizable”.

The following table summarizes Travel Lemming’s backpack ratings.


backpack series




Eja / Exos 48


Overall 1st place


Aura / Atmos AG LT 65


Great for multi-day trips

mountain smith

Apex 60


Great for long-thru hikes

hyper light

mountain gear 3400


best ultra light pack


sports scout 45


best budget


Maven 55 / Paragon 58


best organization


co-op flash 55


most customizable




most versatile

An overview of Travel Lemming reviews can be found here: https://travellemming.com/best-backpacking-backpacks/.

travel lemming editor Abigail Bliss Comments: “A friend and I encountered extreme winter weather when we took these packs on a five-day trek in the South. UtahWith multiple variables and settings, it’s difficult to define the ‘best’ one. After over 100 hours of research and writing, and personal use in real-world situations, I have great confidence in recommending these backpacking packs.

Travel Lemming CEO Nate Hake “We have noticed a clear post-pandemic trend among our 10 million readers: travelers want to spend more time outdoors and are more aware of the environmental impact of consumption. You have to care and balance it with tighter budgets and I’m proud of you Abigail for creating detailed and helpful buying guides like this to help readers navigate these trending priorities Thank you for doing so.”

Backpack reviews reflect Travel Lemming’s recent expansion into the outdoors, with lesser-known parks outperforming big names in a controversial ranking of U.S. national parks released last week. was ranked.

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