Egyptian economist says China is key in helping global economy overcome challenges


The uploaded container is seen at Qingdao port in Shandong province on January 9, 2023. [PhotoVCG]

An Egyptian economist said China is playing a key role in supporting the global economy in overcoming current economic challenges and achieving higher growth rates.

“The Chinese economy is always seeking structural development policies. These policies and measures have provided the Chinese economy with proactive leadership in the face of global crises,” he told Xinhua in an interview.

The International Monetary Fund recently forecast that China’s economy will grow by 5.2% in 2023, 0.8% higher than its October 2022 forecast.

Adele said the Chinese economy enjoyed “solidity and flexibility”.

“China is home to diverse economic sectors such as real estate, energy, electronics, technology and manufacturing, all of which are vital and supportive of creating jobs and investment opportunities,” the experts said. rice field.

He pointed out that China’s economic structure and policies are strongly helping China achieve its target growth rate, or growth rate projected by the IMF.

China will achieve a 7.7% increase in annual foreign trade in 2022, surpassing the world for the sixth consecutive year. According to a recent report by the General Administration of Customs of China, the volume of foreign trade in 2022 will hit a record high again, with total trade in goods reaching 42.07 trillion yuan ($6.21 trillion), up 7.7% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, according to the GAC, China’s exports will grow 10.5% to 23.97 trillion yuan ($3.54 trillion) in 2022, while imports will grow 4.3% to 18.1 trillion yuan ($2.67 trillion).

“The increase in export volumes is expected to slow growth, especially given expectations of a rebound in global trade dynamics and the eagerness of most countries and importers to resume trade with China,” Adele said. It’s a huge incentive to improve,” he said.

China’s policies on economic development and protection of investors’ rights are key factors to promote and increase investment in China, he said.

The development potential stems from the country’s “political and economic stability” and its efforts to achieve high rates of both economic and social development, he added.

Adele stressed the importance of China’s economic prospects for the future of all economies working with China, especially China’s commitment to establish new economic partnerships and open up new horizons for cooperation and investment with other countries. bottom.

China’s commitment to a win-win partnership will benefit the global economy and contribute to higher economic growth in both China and the world, Egyptian economists said.

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