Elysian Trust embraces the skills of marginalized entrepreneurs

GALVESTON, Tex., May 15, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — Despite having a brilliant idea for the next market-disrupting product or service, many marginalized entrepreneurs are neurodivergents and Traditional business prejudices against helping other minority individuals thwart success. Elysian Trust We are raising funds to address this issue.

Remotely operated Elysian provides support services for online businesses and community incubators, securing funding for US-based minority entrepreneurs with creative and forward-thinking projects struggling to secure financial backing We will help you to do so. Through its fundraising expertise, Elysian has generated over $30 million since its launch in 2017.

“For many entrepreneurs in marginalized and underserved populations, wealth and fortune may not be readily available,” said Elysian founder and chief vision officer. As one Nathan “Nth” Barr Fields puts it: “Nevertheless, we have found that they often have a high level of talent and talent and are willing to work hard to bring their passion projects to life. supports future success stories.”

Elysian helps these people reach their full potential through a comprehensive suite of grant making, government contract procurement, and other business support services. This includes everything from research and strategic planning to brand strategy and social media management including fundraising campaigns.

Since 2022 alone, Elysian has won funding for various organizations. Examples include six-figure grants for majority-women and minority-owned businesses, seven-figure government contracts for STEM businesses, and $2 million matching capital grants for innovative charter schools. . They also help members find new careers, such as working at Elysian-backed, funded startups.

“Historically, these are the people who have had the hardest time raising money,” Barfield said. “Traditional fundraising methods don’t always have these people in mind. In fact, traditional approaches can even be somewhat hostile to them.”

Elysian’s success story is important at a time when a divergent and marginalized group of ambitious entrepreneurs continue to face major barriers to achieving their business goals.

A Deloitte study published last year Hiring neurodivergents and other socially marginalized but potentially skilled employees can lead to business growth and help companies establish a competitive edge, he noted. bottom. At the same time, however, 85 percent of the unemployed are on the autism spectrum, even though autism makes up only 4.2 of the total US population.

When companies are looking for neurodivergent talent, or talent from underrepresented groups, Elysian can source that talent from a member base of over 600. That roster is always open to new names. For investors, there is a wealth of projects for investment covering a wide range of issues.

“We scout for neurodivergent talents and identify and nurture other cognitive structures such as intuition, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and collaborative intelligence,” Barfield says. . “All of these create interesting entrepreneurs and employees who bring valuable and unique skills. In addition, neurodiversity such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism often has the potential to help companies outperform their competition. It has a “super power” that can and should be used for anything. ”

Elysian strives to identify what he calls “untapped resource” communities, build them from within, and provide them with the support they need to achieve their professional goals.

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