European air charter companies are gearing up for a busy summer

Summer in Europe is the peak charter season, but last year there were shortages of aircraft, landing slots and parking spaces during this season. EBACE 2023 exhibitors enthusiastically discuss needs and solutions with attendees, with operators, brokers and support professionals reporting charter communities better prepared for this year’s onslaught reported that In fact, whatever the charter’s mission, location, or season, Access’ answer could be found at his Palexpo show grounds in Geneva this week.

On the supply side, data “shows a growing pool of aircraft available for charter,” said B2B booking platform Avinode Group (booth F62). Einand the number of charter flights sold through its site has increased by 5% since last summer, the Swedish company said.

A spokeswoman for UK-based global brokerage Air Partners said airlines were “increasing the size of their fleet wherever possible” to meet expected demand, adding new Jetcard and block charter programs. said it is increasing access options. In addition, some airlines are adding recently acquired small jets and turboprops (aircraft suitable for European routes) to their charter fleets to enhance their low-cost access capabilities.

For example, Switzerland-based Global Jet (booth Z98) has added five aircraft to its charter fleet in recent months. They range from the light-end Embraer Phenom 300 and Pilatus PC-24 to a pair of Bombardier Global 6000s, one with a three-zone cabin with extensive entertainment systems, the other with a capacity of 14 people. Similar to the Boeing 737-700 VIP airliner, with executive configuration on board.

Based in Bremen, Germany, Atlas Air Services (booth M61) operates Cessna Citation, Embraer, Gulfstream G150 and G280 and Hawker 400 business jets. and Beechcraft King Air, Daha TBM and Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft. The company’s charter fleet is based in his five locations in Germany and Switzerland, and with his recently acquired MRO subsidiaries in Augsburg, Germany and Altenhain, Switzerland, Atlas now offers a range of business aviation services. I’m here.

Switzerland-based charter management company Superfel (booth T51) has a fleet of around 30 jets, including Embraer Phenom 100, Legacy and Praetor 600 aircraft. Cessna Citation CJ2+; Bombardier Challenger 300/350 and Global. the Gulfstream G650ER; and the Dassault Falcon 7X. Our network of partner providers gives you access to even more providers.

Air charter summer seems hot

However, demand is catching up with increasing supply. “We are ahead of the summer months in 2022,” said an Avinode spokesperson, despite some tracking data showing a cooling off in charter activity earlier this year. “Given the early demand in Europe, I would not be surprised if the summer months exceeded current industry expectations.”

Following last year’s acquisition by U.S. charter and access program provider WheelsUp, Airpartner expects more demand from U.S. customers through its new parent company this summer to add to its own customer base. ing. In preparation, Air Partner is “investing in its relationships with airlines”, which it said is “essential” to cope with “anticipated demand and limits on slots and airport capacity.” said. Ibiza, Mallorca and Malaga in Spain. Faro, Portugal. Olbia, Italy. Mykonos island, Greece. Nice, France is listed as a top destination.

Hourly wages rose significantly last summer due to increased demand and higher fuel costs. Air Partners expect similar costs this summer, despite lower fuel prices.

“For light jets to operate from Farnborough [in the UK] If you go to Ibiza during the first weekend of school holidays in July, the cost will be between £15,000 and £20,000. [$18,666 and $24,895; €16,970 and €22,630]’ said the company. “If you leave it to the end, it’s not necessarily what you end up paying.”

Many charterers discovered Eastern Europe in 2021 when much of the rest of the continent was shut down by COVID-19 while continuing to receive vaccinated travelers. was. Western Europe bore the brunt of continental demand as it reopened last summer. Still, Gareth Dunker, director of Prague-based support provider Eurojet Intercontinental (booth L98), said travelers could head east again this year.


“Last summer, many people managed to survive the crowds and airfare to the south of France or the Italian Riviera,” Dunker said. This year, “more people may say, ‘Let’s go back to Eastern Europe, let’s go back to Croatia or Montenegro,'” he suggested.

Eurojet provides ground handling, flight clearance, landing clearance and parking services at approximately 170 airports in 30 countries and has opened and renovated crew lounges in Belgrade, Serbia and Pristina, Kosovo in the last two years. . The company is currently renovating its flagship lounge in Prague, Czech Republic, and has added office space in Rzeszew, Poland, a hub for flights carrying people and cargo to Ukraine.

ABS Jets (booth Z109) operates nine medium and large business jets to Eastern Europe from its headquarters at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague and Bratislava Airport in Slovakia. With a safety culture overseen by the Quality and Safety Department, ABS Jets are IS-BAH Stage 3 registered.

Turkish long-established Pan Aviation recently introduced Pan Jet Charter Service (Booth P49). Founded in the 1990s, Pan has provided air ambulance and other charter services under its own Air Operator Certificate (AOC) since 2003 and now operates a Cessna Citation configured for aeromedical We operate Bravo. Pan Jet Charter focuses on providing business, individual and family travel from Ankara Esenboga Airport.

A program tailored to your needs

Carriers and intermediaries, on the other hand, offer a variety of access options, giving customers the choice and chance to find programs that meet their needs. VistaJet International (booth H98, static display AD_01) recently introduced the VJ25 program to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Aimed at flexible schedule travelers flying between 25 and 49 hours per year, the VJ25 is offered as a three-year subscription and covers his fleet of more than 360 aircraft worldwide, including flagship ultra-long haul Bombardier Global. Guaranteed on-demand access to our Vista fleet. 7500. Fixed hourly rates apply 325 days a year and dynamic rates apply for 40 days of high demand.

vista jet

Last year Vista acquired Germany’s Air Hamburg and U.S. Jet Edge, adding a net 117 aircraft to its fleet. Plus, get access to over 2,100 partner jets. Dubai-based Vista said in 2022 the group’s European business grew by 29% year-on-year for both its online brokerage brands VistaJet and XO. .

jet edge

Jet Aviation (Booth E50), a global business aviation services provider, operates more than 100 charter business aircraft and has “access to thousands more aircraft,” all of which are available on-demand, Available through Block Charter and Jet Card services. Jet Aviation’s new Freedom Access Plan combines the best of Block Charter and Jet Card features, including global availability guarantees and round trip discounts.

Jet Aviation “has been working closely with us” to prepare for the summer season. [managed aircraft] We want our customers and partners to expand our fleet and give them even more choice,” the company said. EinAnd last fall, the Swiss company added BBJ to its charter fleet.

UK-based Air Charter Services (ACS, Booth S30) was founded in 1990 in the former basement of its chairman and has since grown into a global brokerage firm with over 500 staff and approximately 23,000 flights per year. I am arranging a charter flight. The Empyrean Jet Card provides worldwide access and offers three price plans. Gold, based on dynamic pricing with caps. Platinum block charters at a set hourly rate. Deposited funds are held in a third-party bank account, ensuring your financial security, and ACS’ dedicated concierge service is available 24/7.

Brokers report that some carriers were so overwhelmed with demand and requests for quotes that they turned down additional deals last summer, but now, as Air Partners said, they are now “throwing away existing business.” I am eager to pursue it.”

One of the key drawbacks for providers is that “peak season increases fraud and cybercrime” as criminals seek to exploit the increased pressures facing charter sales and finance teams and temporary staff. says Avinod. Stronger security measures and automation may be required “where charter firms’ payment routines rely too much on manual processes,” the company said, with Avinode’s Paynode platform providing such transaction security. Then pointed out.

Some technology companies also offer software and other services for business aviation designed to meet your digital processing needs. In fact, MySky (booth B80) offers cost and management software developed for charter flight operations. Its new MySky Quote addresses the summer surge with automated quotes, helping operators get back to you with faster and more accurate quotes.

Chris Marich, co-founder and global strategy director of MySky, said: “It’s clear that we can’t hire twice as many people throughout the year to meet four months’ worth of demand.” says. The software’s quoting engine is informed by a dynamic pricing algorithm, and the product also acts as a ‘revenue management tool’ that supports customized revenue strategies, helping customers to ‘maximize aircraft profits’. “It will be possible to “enable”,” Maric said.

The Swiss company has around 300 customers and a total of 700 aircraft using its software. The quoting engine is currently only available in Europe, but MySky has announced plans to bring it to the Middle East and Africa.

ground support

Serving behind the scenes, ground support services provide the personnel and contacts airlines rely on for the last and first mile. The handling service, which will be showcased in Geneva this week, will also be able to apply its regional expertise to meet travel questions and needs from charter professionals, aircraft owners and business aviation customers.

General Aviation Service (booth E44) has been synonymous with aviation handling services in Spain since its establishment in 1979, operating FBOs in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Granada, Girona and Ibiza. increase. The company employs about 100 service professionals.

Latvia’s Flight Consulting Group (booth I54) offers comprehensive flight support, ground handling and charter arrangements, and has support contracts for around 100 business jets. Through his 20+ years of business, the company has operated more than 135,000 flights from his 2,600 airports in 140 countries. His subsidiary, FCG OPS, also provides international travel support, vehicle dispatch and ground handling services at his more than 40 airports in the region. For flights to Latvia, another holding company, his FBO Riga, operates a state-of-the-art business aviation center at Riga International Airport.

AN Aviation Services (Booth O82) was founded in 1991 and specializes in ground handling and flight support in Egypt and the UAE, with offices in all airports in both countries and a network of supervisory agents throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. I have an extensive network.

Headquartered in Dubai, Mediterranean Aviation Services (booth M90) provides travel planning, air charters, flight permits and ground handling worldwide. Founded in 2005, it offers a network of operating partners and exclusive contracts with major fuel and aviation service providers to ensure high quality and value for its customers.

Founded in 2000, UAS International Trip Support (Booth A29), a flight support specialist, is used by Heads of State, VVIPs, Fortune Global 500 companies and business jet operators around the world. The company operates in more than his 30 countries and employs “innovative technology solutions specifically designed for business aviation” to enhance its operations and service delivery. In December, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based charter company Alphastar named UAS as a preferred partner.


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