Everton 1-4 Newcastle: Boss Sean Daichi confident of Toffee survival

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Everton fans warmly welcomed the team before kick-off

Will Everton’s uninterrupted Premier League stint come to an end this season?

But a demoralizing second-half collapse against the Magpies saw Daichi confident that his team could avoid relegation, even as they stretched to just one win in their last 10 games.

After the replacement of Frank Lampard, who was sacked in January, the former Burnley manager’s reign started in perfect form with a 1–0 win over table-top Arsenal.

Since then, however, little has been celebrated.

“I think we can,” Dyche replied when asked if they could stay awake. “We have the evidence that we can do it because we have a team similar to what we had when we beat Arsenal.

“We need to bring that performance advantage. We had it in the first half and it was a really good performance. A goal changes the game, not just the scoreline, but the feel of the performance.”

“You’re still at home, but you can’t change the whole performance.”

Everton must ‘quickly’ fix mistakes

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Everton 1-4 Newcastle: Sean Dyke laments ‘soft’ Everton after Newcastle defeat

Everton supporters did their best to help the team before kick-off, welcoming the team’s coaches into the streets outside the stadium by chanting and lighting blue flares.

The side dominated the first half, but their optimism was dashed after Callum Wilson scored the first goal.

The Toffees have scored multiple goals in just one of their 17 home appearances this season, and a return seemed very unlikely. Second best was Wilson-Joelington and Jacob his Murphy goals.

Dish added: “In the end we were very disappointed. In the first half we did everything we thought was right against a good Newcastle team. Everything was there except the goal.

“The second half started brightly when we almost scored just before half-time, but as soon as the second half started the game was over very quickly.

“That’s what happened against Fulham and we have to fix it immediately.

“It’s our problem. We have to fix the mistakes we’ve made in the last few weeks. We can all talk, but it’s about walking.”

Everton face a big match against fellow rivals Leicester next Monday, with the Foxes up in points and places in the drop zone.

Asked if the way the loss meant his team had lost fans and if many people left before the game was over, Daish said: “I don’t think so. The fans have been great.. great here..they will..support the club to the end.

“We can’t decide on 40,000, but they will support the club until the end of the season.”

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