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A video of Nimisha Sajayan practicing taekwondo while wearing a black belt recently went viral on social media. While many were amazed at her skills, some of her fans were curious to know how she got her black belt so quickly. was an expert in Taekwondo and had practiced martial arts for a long time.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Nimisha earned her black belt in Taekwondo while studying in Class VIII. Josemon Vazhayila published these details on his Facebook page of Malayalam Movies and Music Database.

According to him, Nimisha is learning taekwondo from class 1 at Carmel Convent High School in Mumbai. She recently joined the One Step Club to hone her Taekwondo skills.

These were the words of Joseon Dynasty Gate Bazaila.

“Several online portals are reporting that Nimisha Sajayan has started learning taekwondo. They made the news from what One Step Club Taekwondo Academy shared on their Instagram page. Representing Maharashtra in competitions, unable to continue taekwondo lessons after school and after college, he joined One Step Club Taekwondo Academy to hone his skills.

That’s why Nimisha wears a black belt. Also, for those who don’t know, Nimisha was not only proficient in taekwondo, but captained his team in college volleyball and soccer,” he wrote.

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