Fast food quesadillas ranked worst to best

Reviews of Taco Bell’s quesadillas can be pretty intense. You might not expect much from a Mexican chain that makes cheesy rollups, but Taco Bell’s quesadilla aficionados joked that if they could order a chicken quesadilla for 99 cents, they’d eat it to death. Las Vegas Taco He’s a true fan, like the couple who got married in his cantina at Bell. Groom Dan Rickert said after enjoying a custom-made wedding cake made from Taco Bell’s Cinnabonded Lights.“The best Taco Bell item ever is the chicken quesadilla.”

one Redditors summarized their experiences With an awe-inspiring quote, “I ordered six. Why did I order six and not a drink? Tear the envelope regardless. Euphoria, all is well. No wars, no sickness. My loved ones are still alive. I’m not single. I have a job.”

Say what you want about Taco Bell. No other quesadilla on earth has enlightened so many eaters. If face-to-face with God doesn’t get him to number one, he may need to re-evaluate his ranking system.

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