FBI details obscene texts between Lori Burrow and Chad Daybell

Boise, Idaho — At the beginning of the opening argument, the prosecution Lori Burrow Daybell The case said her trial for multiple murders was about “money, power and sex.”

A former FBI special agent took the stand Friday as jurors Chad Daybell and his future wife, then Lori Burrow.

Former FBI Special Agent Douglas Hart was the only witness to take the stand on Friday. Hart was tasked with reading aloud text exchanges between the main parties in the case, including between Vallow Daybell and Daybell.

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Although much of the text is within days of the death of Vallow Daybell’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow, who was undoubtedly shot by her late brother Alex Cox, Hart has been accused of murder. The couple said their relationship had been going on for months.

“Obviously, shortly after they met, they got into an incident. diseaseIchitto event, event Together,” Hart said.

They met at a preparatory meeting in St. George, Utah on October 26, 2018. Hart flagged a contact on Lori’s phone made with Davell’s phone number, but possibly using the name of a fictitious religious leader.

Chad Daybell murder trial could begin in June 2024

Less than nine months after that meeting, Charles Vallow was shot dead on July 11, 2019.

Chad: I just want to kiss you tenderly…for hours. “

Chad: “It could lead to other activities.”

Lori: “Yes, or are you lucky?”

Chad: “It can lead to nudity.”

Hart testified that the text messages showed the pair planning a life together, and that Davel called their union a “block.” On , he said he feels his wife is going to die soon, sending a text to his future wife saying, “I think she’ll be gone by then.”

The prosecution also asked whether Burrow Daybell expressed grief or regret about her husband’s death in any of her texts.

“No,” Hart said.

Tammy Dabell On October 19, 2019, less than a year after the accused met, Charles Barrow was murdered a few months after his death.

Utah ME testifies that Tammy Daybell was detained hours after her murder

There were a number of legal controversies on Friday, including a presentation prepared by Hart himself and highlights of data found in the digital cloud connected to Vallow Daybell’s phone. Judge Stephen Boyce ultimately ruled that a reduced version of Hart’s PowerPoint presentation could be used in court, but could not be entered as evidence.

Hart is tasked with sorting out all the data stored in accounts connected to Vallow Daybell’s mobile phone dating back to the year 2000.

His testimony could take several more days depending on the depth of questions the prosecution has on Monday. His testimony was challenged on Friday, and some were upheld.

While the prosecution and defense agree that Vallow Daybell’s digital cloud stores vast amounts of data, they clearly disagree on how to read it in court. The case may rely on the ability to clarify the context of the message between the accused of conspiracy and the evidence previously presented.

Hart highlighted other details found in the text, including that Varrow Daybell notified Charles Varrow’s children in text that he had died and did not provide them with any details about it. A few days later, they confronted Vallow Daybell after repeatedly asking what had happened.

Hart read one text in court:

good loli this is 3 days have passed.you informed us that our father passed away that’s all text message. 3 days and us not heard from Who. The only information we have is one text from you saying he passed away. Then you disappeared. I need the information you have. What happened, when did it happen, and how did it happen?where is he now. Do you have plans for the funeral? Can Zach and I attend it? He was our father and we loved him very much. You should always know about This is not a casual topic that you can just throw a text over and be done with.

Hart also noted that Varrow Daybell didn’t respond much to Charles Varrow’s family, but at the same time frequently texted the likes of Daybell and Alex Cox.

In addition to being tasked with sorting through vast amounts of data, Hart said he was called in to help with the initial investigation of JJ Barrow, who was missing at the time, and the search soon extended to Tyree Ryan.

Autopsy Offers Clues About Tyree Ryan And J.J. Valor Murder, Burial

“We quickly learned that Lori Burrow lied to Rexburg police,” Hart said.

JJ’s welfare check turned into a missing child case, and Hart said he’s been part of the whole case since day two.

Hart said in the warrant that he and others first walked the Davel grounds looking for signs of a “secret grave”. , helped exhume JJ’s body.

Excavation of Chad Daybell property and body


He walked the jury through photographs of the ground and excavations that led to the discovery of JJ’s body.

Courts will reopen on Monday, May 8th.

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