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As you may have heard, swapping your morning’s shredded wheat or oatmeal for grain-free cereal isn’t necessarily a healthy food swap. You might think it’s wrong to eat, but it’s not,” says Keating. “Many studies have shown that including whole grains in your diet lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer, and more. Regular cereals are a convenient way to get them.”

Still, some grain-free cereals, such as grain-free granola, can be good for you. These are usually made from a combination of nuts and seeds that provide healthy fat, fiber, protein, and nutrients like magnesium and potassium instead of traditional oats. Please. Ideally, a serving should contain no more than 4 grams of sugar. (Wildway Grain Free Apple Cinnamon Granola is an example of granola with no added sugar. It looks tiny in a bowl, so remember that doubling your serving also doubles your calories, fat, and sugar.) Put it down please.

Other grain-free cereals are often made with cassava, potato, tapioca starch, or chickpea or lentil flour instead of grains.With the exception of bean flour, which contains protein and potassium, these ingredients do not have much nutritional value. Recent CR test evaluated six grain-free cereals. None of the flavors stood out, and only Forager Project Organic Grain-Free Os Cinnamon got the top score for nutrition.


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