First Time Gardener Container Food Gardening and Bedley

Beginner Gardeners: Container Food Gardening

What I love: For novice gardeners, this book is packed with useful information, pictures and diagrams. We focus on growing fruits, herbs and vegetables in containers.

What it does: If the novice gardener only has deck or patio space, or doesn’t want to commit to a basement garden, author Pam Farley explains all about growing in containers clearly and simply. Information includes why we grow food, what containers are best for different types of plants, the best potted plant combinations for containers, possible problems, tips on props, pruning and harvesting. At the end of the book there is a glossary for understanding unfamiliar gardening terms and many informative color photographs. The 176-page paperback is published by The Quarto Group and sells for $26.99.


What I love: finally! A much easier way to slip a duvet cover over your comforter.

What it does: Most duvet covers are open on one end, making it difficult to insert and align the duvet for an aesthetically pleasing look. Bedley came up with the solution by unzipping his three sides of the cover. To use, place the cover on your bed and open the zipper all the way around. Simply unfold the comforter, tie it in place and zip it up. end. The cover is made of soft, combed long-staple cotton. Covers come in a variety of colors and styles. Prices vary.visit for more information.

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