Foamstars Characters Guide – Skills, Weapon Type, More

Are you excited to participate in the upcoming Foamstars Open Beta Party, but are not sure what the characters do? Don’t worry, as here is a guide on what the available characters in Foamstars can do, including their skills, weapon types, and more.

As of this article, Square Enix has confirmed that there will be eight characters available during the Open Beta Party. They also mentioned that this will be the roster at launch.

Each of the characters has a weapon type, each with different effective ranges, firing speeds, and more. Additionally, they also have a Bubble Beastie, which is a skill they can use that has special effects. These effects also vary from character to character.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into our guide of the characters in Foamstars, their skills, and their weapon types.

Foamstars Characters Guide

  • Soa – a stylish idol who has mastered the art of acrobatically controlling bubbles.
    • Weapon Type: Twinkle Groove – Dual Pistol Type
      • Soa fires foam balls quickly. This weapon has a short range.
      • Soa also has a movement skill that allows her to flip to the side while shooting two horizontal lines of foam
    • Bubble Beastie: Spiky
      • Soa throws Spiky forward a certain distance. Spiky does not bounce or roll. After a short time delay, Spiky explodes, creating a pile of foam within a certain radius.
  • Jet Justice – a self-proclaimed hero who prowls the streets of Bath Vegas to keep them safe.
    • Weapon Type: Jet Blaster – Shotgun Type
      • Jet Justice can fire a clump of foam balls. This has a close to medium range.
      • He can also charge his weapon to shoot one large ball of foam instead.
    • Bubble Beastie: Graviton
      • Jet Justice jumps high into the air and has a short amount of time to move and aim their skill. He then slams down on the ground, creating a small explosion of foam. This attack also creates a wall of foam in front of him and shoots some foam forward in front of the wall.
  • Tonix – a genius inventor who overflows with curiosity and is eager to test her inventions on the battlefield.
    • Weapon Type: Her Majesty Queen Soda – Burst Rifle Type
      • Tonix fires a burst of foam from her rifle. This has a long range.
      • Tonix can also charge her weapon. She then shoots a bouncing bomb that causes an explosion of foam.
    • Bubble Beastie: Squash
      • Tonix throws Squash forward, which creates a small explosion of foam. After a short delay, Squash bounces a few times forward, before causing a bigger explosion of foam.
  • ΔGito – a pro-gamer who continues to dominate the world of e-sports and now wants to prove his skill in other fields.
    • Weapon Type: MURΔMΔSΔ – Shotgun Type
      • ΔGito can shoot a burst of foam. This has a short range
    • Bubble Beastie: KIRIMΔRU
      • ΔGito throws KIRIMΔRU forward, which explodes after a delay. If ΔGito is inside the explosion when it goes of, he gets launched into the air.
  • Pen Gwyn – a penguin soldier who’s ready to chill anyone who stands in the way of her fight against global warming.
    • Weapon Type: PNG-90S – Assault Rifle Type
      • Pen Gwyn rapidly shoots foam in an arc. This weapon has a long range.
    • Bubble Beastie: Slider, Waddler, Emp
      • Pen Gwyn sends her Bubble Beasti forward, creating a line of foam in their wake.
      • After reaching a certain distance, the Beastie explodes into a large pile of foam.
  • Mel T – the owner and face of an ice cream brand. She might appear innocent and cute but this CEO packs a real punch.
    • Weapon Type: Heartful Delivery – Missile Launcher Type
      • Mel T rapidly fires foam rockets. This has a long range.
      • If the rocket is close to the floor while in flight, it spreads foam.
      • Once the rocket hits, it explodes into a pile of foam.
    • Bubble Beastie: Candy
      • Mel T aims at a certain location.
      • Candy then shoots forward and creates a wall of foam.
  • The Baristador – a refined gentleman full of mystery. Some might find it hard to believe he is the unassuming owner of café bar.
    • Weapon Type: Coffee Breaker – Long Hose Type
      • The Baristador continuously shoots foam. This has a long range.
      • The foam shot from his weapon piles up quickly.
    • Bubble Beastie: Toraja
      • The Baristador jumps into the air and has a short amount of time to move and aim. He then slams down on the ground.
      • This sends Toraja forward, which creates a wide path of foam.
      • After reaching a certain distance, Toraja stands still. After a short delay, Toraja starts spreading foam around them, before promptly exploding.
  • Rave Breaker – a clean freak who wants to eliminate all party animals and clean up the competition.
    • Weapon Type: World Sanitizer – Wide Hose Type
      • Rave Breaker continuously shoots foam. This has a medium range.
      • As the name implies, the foam shot from this weapon lands horizontally.
      • The foam shot from the weapon piles up quickly.
    • Bubble Beastie: Roly-Moley
      • Rave Breaker dives into the foam that her team has placed. Rave Breaker can then explode out of the foam, launching them into the air. This also shoots a pile of foam forward.

That’s it for our guide on the current Foamstars character roster, including their skills and weapon types.

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