Food costs continue to rise, affecting menu prices


JACKSON, Missouri (KFVS) – Food costs continue to rise nationwide.

Several local businesses are feeling the impact.

Jodi Hollandsworth, owner of The Baker’s Bar, started her company after battling cancer.

“I went through a real-life battle with cancer, taught myself how to decorate during my recovery, and I could bake at any time, but I taught myself how to decorate and here I am,” she said.

She says the rising cost of food has changed the way she thinks about buying ingredients.

“It’s been a bit sketchy. The biggest issue with that is the unknown weekly cost on raw material prices, how much they’re going to raise, what they’re going to increase, and by how much.” she said.

Average egg prices across the country nearly halved from November 21 to 22, according to the latest Labor Department figures.

Margarine rose by 41.9% and flour by 24.9%.

“There are some things that are unpredictable,” said T-Ravs owner Jarrod Handley, adding, “There are things you have to use for everything: milk, eggs, flour, especially scratch restaurants. ”

He also said his business is trying to be creative in dealing with rising prices.

“It’s a huge number and how much profit do you have to make when this costs so much? Leave the lights on,” Hollandsworth said. . “We had to focus on different things like off-site dining, in-house catering, etc. Doing more in bulk means making more money.”


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