Food items at the Pasadena Strawberry Fest include ‘elephant ears’ and large shaved ice

“Food” attracted attention in 4 days Pasadena Strawberry Festival Vendors sell a variety of treats, including strawberry-flavored popcorn, elephant ear pastry, and softball-wide shaved ice.

Alan Rowland brought Popparazzi’s Gourmet Popcorn to the grounds of the Pasadena Convention Center for the four-day festival through Sunday.

Rowland brought several flavors, but in honor of the festival’s 50th anniversary, he brought strawberry-flavored popcorn.

“We have a special recipe that’s made from scratch. We use real cheese,” Rowland said.

Other foods on sale included barbecue fries, black angus burgers, and turkey legs.

Nate Pringle was selling “elephant ears”.

“It’s a sweet treat from the Pacific Northwest,” Pringle said, peeking out of the food trailer.

He described the food as “a giant donut or dessert pizza that we hand-pull and stuffed with cinnamon, chocolate and powdered sugar.” “You see them all on the West Coast and on the East Coast, but nothing in the middle,” Pringle said. “I did this in Oregon for nearly 10 years. My uncle and aunt did it for nearly 20 years.”

when: May 19-20 10am-midnight, May 21 10am-6pm

where: Pasadena Fairgrounds, 7902 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena.

detail: Day tickets from Friday to Sunday range from $5 to $15. A 3-day weekend pass is $30.

For more information:

“You can mix and match any flavor,” says Pringle’s wife, Sarah, looking out of the second serving window.

“We make dreams come true here,” said Nate Pringle.

Halfway through the main course, there are a dozen picnic tables where people enjoy a variety of dishes. After all, turkey legs are never fully enjoyed on foot.

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