Fremantle unveils all-new entertainment format for London TV screenings


Super indie owned by RTL Group Fremantle brings a new bright format bracing to this year’s London TV screenings. There, you’ll join a catalog containing some of the world’s greatest properties, including ‘Got Talent’, ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ and ‘Family Feud’. ”

The new titles have been described as “feel good” and many are family-friendly in different ways, but they also emphasize FremantlePhilosophy of creating, producing and distributing entertainment, drama, documentaries and films to a wide audience.

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“There really is something for everyone,” said Andrew Linareswas newly appointed as Fremantle’s Global Entertainment Director, replacing Rob Clark as Global Entertainment Director from March this year.

Joining an established franchise, the new format of ‘Second Chance Experiments’ (from Fremantle, Portugal) reunites divorced or separated couples.

When given a second chance to mend their relationship, they live together for seven weeks and work on various “individual assignments” supervised by a therapist. At the end of each week, couples are asked if they want to continue the experiment or go home.

Linares says the stories presented in the Second Chance Experiment will be “compelling and relatable.”

However, things are different in “The Big Celebrity Detox”, where eight celebrities travel to a wellness resort. Hoping to cleanse their bodies and ultimately change their lives for the better, each week he undergoes some of the wackiest detox treatments in the world, and based on specific emotions, he offers 3 receive one treatment. The celebrities who contribute the most to the experience are rewarded.

Linares teased “an unexpectedly punchy and emotional show” produced by Fremantle label Thames for E4 in the UK.

It’s all about the music from The Beatbox, a game show co-developed by Something Special in Seoul, Blue Circle in Amsterdam (a Fremantle company) and Naked in London (a Fremantle label). Dubbed the “ultimate play-along format,” the game sees two of his famous teams compete to recreate iconic songs. twist? Since they can only use household items, an interactive musical game that helps them collect them leads to a performance.

The punchy tune can also be heard in the family-friendly guessing game “DNA Singers,” which launched in South Korea last year. It features a talented contestant who not only sings with all his heart but also happens to share his DNA with a celebrity singer. When they go on stage, the judges have to guess which one is which.

Created by FormatEast and Kyung Hwangbo, “DNA Singers” was adapted by the Dutch Blue Circle.

“With The Beatbox, everyone in the house taps a mug, opens and closes the door, and makes their own music. Ask and the viewers will guess along with the judges,” said Llinares. .

“These new formats are a great example of how Fremantle champions powerful, creative concepts that really connect with audiences around the world,” he added. “Creativity is at the heart of what we do.”

second chance experiment

second chance experiment

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