French woman illegally bites off rape suspect’s tongue in France


A French woman reportedly bit off part of it. Tongue of an attempted rapist and handed it over to the police.

According to France Blue, A 57-year-old woman approached her rapist while walking her dog at 4 a.m. early Sunday morning.

The man allegedly forcibly kissed and hugged while touching his own body.

The woman wrestled with him and bit off part of his tongue during the attack. She kept some of her evidence and immediately handed it over to the police.

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File - French police car

File – French police car (Julian de Rosa/AFP via Getty Images)

The suspect, a Tunisian immigrant in his 30s, claims the woman jumped. He was taken into police custody after being found injured at the scene of the attack.

The accused rapist was reportedly staying in France illegally.The government gave the man an order leave France.

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Aerial view of Avignon. Provence. France.

Aerial view of Avignon. Provence. France. (Giulio Andreini/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

No other details about the crime were immediately available.

Avignon is a city in the south of France, more than 350 miles south of Paris. Located near the Mediterranean Sea.

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