From Paramount+’s Tusla King to Netflix’s 1899, the 10 best TV shows to watch this week



Friday, November 11th, Prime Video

James Corden as Jamie Buckingham (Photo: Luke Varley/Amazon Studios/Dignity Productions Ltd)

James Corden returns to British television with Jez Butterworth film (Jerusalem, Britannia) latest work. He plays Jamie Buckingham, a Michelin-starred chef preparing to open his first restaurant, named after his wife Amandine (Melia Clayling). But his life changes when he learns that Amandine was hiding a dark secret. With the help of his sister and brother-in-law, Jamie sets out to discover the truth in this comedy relationship thriller.

Jools 30th Birthday Bash

Saturday, November 12th, 9pm, BBC Two

Then Jules Holland with s61,12/11/2022,30th Special,7 - 30th Special,Jules Holland,BBC,Michael Leckie
Jools Holland (Photo: BBC/Michael Leckie)

first ever Then… with Jules Holland The October 1992 show featured The Neville Brothers, The Christians, The New Colors and Di Influence. It’s safe to say that none of them will appear in this special episode of his 30th anniversary, shot at the Hammersmith Apollo. Instead, Robert Plant, Richard Hawley, Celeste, first aid kitMichael Kiwanuka, and others will perform their own songs as well as some of their favorite Dutch songs.

Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance

Saturday 12 November, 9pm, BBC One

Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall (Photo: BBC)

Another music event takes place on BBC One with Andrea Bocelli. Ted Russo Star Hannah Waddingham and actor Luke Evans pay tribute to the British military. King Charles will be attending for the first time as a King and will pay tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his dedication to her role as Commander-in-Chief. A soldier who fought in the Falklands War is also specially mentioned to mark his 40th anniversary of the conflict.

People’s Piazza: History of Covent Garden

Sunday 13 November, 9pm, BBC Two

The People?s Piazza: A History of Covent Garden,David Olusoga,Picture shows: David Olusoga at Covent Garden Piazza,Chris Durlacher,Chris Durlacher The People?s Piazza: A History of Covent Garden TV Still BBC
David Olusoga (Photo: BBC/Uplands TV Ltd/Chris Durlacher)

London’s Covent Garden may be a tourist hotspot today, with luxury stores like Ladurée and Chanel, but it was once a bustling market, with sex work and activities alongside apple stalls. was actively held.historian David Orthoga Journey through 400 years of history, uncovering a rich culture of performance and protest, and recreate Covent Garden before its 70s renovations.

Tulsa King

Monday, November 14th, Paramount +

Sylvester Stallone plays Dwight Manfredi in Paramount+'s original series The King of Tulsa. Photo Cr: Brian Douglas/Paramount+. ?? 2022 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved. Tulsa King TV Still Paramount + Images via
Sylvester Stallone as Dwight Manfredi (Photo: Brian Douglas/Paramount+/Viacom International)

It’s surprising that Sylvester Stallone has never set foot in television before. Tulsa King marks his small-screen debut (at least as a main character). He plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a middle-ranking New York mafia who was released from prison after 25 years of his life. When his old boss sent him to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Manfredi found himself sidelined and began creating his own criminal gang.

DIY SOS: Big Builds for Kids in Need

Wednesday 16 November, 9pm, BBC One

DIY SOS Children in Need Special, 16-11-2022, (lr) Scott Mills, Pudsey, Zoe Ball & Nick Knowles, BBC Children in Need, Neil Sherwood
Scott Mills, Pudsey, Zoe Ball and Nick Knowles (Photo: BBC/Neil Sherwood)

Getaway Girls, a Leeds-based young women’s charity, got a makeover for this year’s Children in Need. Nick Knowles and his usual team worked with Radio 2 for this project, along with DJ Sara Cox, Scott Mills and rerun Wearing a helmet to help rebuild the charity’s derelict headquarters. Meanwhile, the Getaway Girls Choir prepares a song of thanksgiving with the help of Emery Sande.


Wednesday, November 16, 10:00 pm Dave

The Outsiders - Series 2 - Episode 2 Video Show: David Mitchell The Outsiders - Series 2 TV Still UKTV
David Mitchell (Photo: UKTV)

Jessica Hines, Phil Wang, Joe WilkinsonMaisie Adam, Fatiha El Ghori and Darren Harriott join as hosts. David Mitchell Second series of this outdoor survival show. If you missed it the first time, consider Taskmaster meets Bear Grylls. The comic tackles a series of challenges and proves it has what it takes to forget about indoor luxuries.


Thursday, November 17, Netflix

Lukas Lingard Tonnesen as Crester (Photo: Netflix)

As the title suggests, the series is set at the turn of the 20th century, when New York was a beacon of hope across the Atlantic Ocean. A group of immigrants from Europe set sail for a new life in the United States, but on their journey came across the Prometheus, a ship that had been missing for months.Created by the creator of the German sci-fi thriller darkwe can expect 1899 to be just as eerie and brooding.

Brian Cox: The other half of life

Thursday, November 17, 9:00 pm, Channel 5

How the other half lives with Brian Cox - Brian Cox
Brian Cox (Photo: Channel 5)

after 4 years as Inheritance Patriarch Logan Roy, Scottish actor Brian Cox I learned a thing or two about the lives of the ultra-rich. But does money make you happy? Cox meets people with varying bank balances in an attempt to answer that very question. Born into a poor family in Dundee, he also questions his own accumulation of wealth and does not contain his anger when it comes to dealing with the world’s widening wage gap.

Oti Mabuse: My South Africa

Thursday 17 November, 9pm, BBC One

Oti Mabuse: My South Africa,17-11-2022,Oti Mabuse at her Grandmother's house, Moiletswane, South Africa,Plimsoll Productions,Plimsoll Productions Oti Mabuse: My South Africa TV Still BBC
Oti Mabuse (Photo: BBC/Plimsoll Productions)

As strict come dancing Dancer and TV host Oti Mabuse returns to her hometown of Mabopane, South Africa, to revisit the people and places that inspired her to grow up. It’s been 10 years since she left the country to pursue her dreams. She met people working to build the ‘new’ South Africa and she reunited with her friends and family whom she had not seen for a long time.

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