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Joe and Celia Ward Wallace opened South LA Cafe with a mission to combat racial, social and economic inequality. what’s their next project? I oversee the entire food and beverage program at the Natural History Museum. The first season of ‘The Last of Us’ ended last Sunday, with mushrooms playing a major role in this new dystopian world.Tejal Rao asked: Are fungi to destroy us? Or are you here to save us? Visoth Tarak Ouk aka Chef T was born in a refugee camp in Thailand to parents who survived the genocide by the Khmer regime in Cambodia. His family eventually settled on Longhi Beach, where the chef developed a love of cooking and became a pillar of his Southern California Khmer community. Is she going to be in the Cream section of PieFest this year?Margarita Manzke from Republique, Manzke, Sari Sari is a judge and has tips on how to win a ribbon. From Haruki Murakami’s stir-fry to Maurice Sendak’s chicken soup with rice, Adrian Lafrance recalls his 12 most haunting food descriptions in literature. Finally, Bill Addison finds Shanghainese cuisine in a field of restaurants dominated by Sichuan cuisine.

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