Genshin Impact Mika Banner release date, skills, constellations, etc.


of genshin impact The release date for Mika Banner has finally been announced by miHoYo. Mika is a new four-star character who uses his Polearn, and his skill set is designed to easily support his teammates in combat.

So if you are looking for more information, genshin impact Mika, his skills, zodiac sign, release date, and you’ve come to the right place.

genshin impact Mika Banner release date


of genshin impact Mika Banner will be released on March 1, 2023 during the 3.5 update on all available platforms. Mika’s banner will be released during the first phase of the Genshin Impact 3.5 update, while Mika herself will appear alongside Ayaka and Shenhe during the second phase of the Genshin Impact 3.5 update.

genshin impact Mika’s Abilities, Passive Talents, and Constellations


Mika’s attack

  • normal attack – Use your crossbow and spear to perform up to 5 consecutive attacks.
  • charge attack ・Consume a certain amount of stamina to charge forward, dealing damage to enemies along the way.
  • rush attack – Leap from the sky to attack the ground below, damaging enemies along your path and dealing area damage on impact.

Elemental Skill – Star Frost Swirl

Mika uses a crossbow to attack, increasing the attack speed of active characters near the Soulwind party. A tap or hold can be effective in a number of ways.

  • Tap: Fires a Flow Frost arrow that can pierce through enemies, dealing cryo damage to enemies on contact.
  • Owned by: Go into aim mode, lock onto your opponent, and fire Remastered Flares while dealing cryo damage. When Lemester Flare hits, it rises before exploding, launching Lemester Shards at up to 3 other enemies and Cryohim damage.

Elemental Burst – Sky Feather Song

Skyfeather Song is Mika’s healing ability that regenerates the health of party members near him based on Mika’s max health. Additionally, Eagleplume is also granted to all members of his party. Skyfeather his song, chanted as a prayer for the Knights, provides both nourishment and comfort to Micah’s allies.

Characters affected by Eagle Plume recover health based on Mika’s max HP after each successful basic attack. Each character can only get this bonus once in her 15 seconds, and the Skyfeather Song itself has a cooldown of her 18 seconds.

Mika’s passive skill

rapid fire suppression

Starfrost Swirl (Elemental Skill) grants characters with certain conditions a Detector effect, increasing physical damage by 10%. These situations are:

    • If Flow Frost Arrow hits multiple opponents, each additional opponent hit will spawn one Detector Stack.
    • Each time you shoot an enemy with Rimestar Shards, one Detector stack is generated.
    • In Soulwind state you can have up to 3 Detector stacks. If Starfrost Swirl is reactivated during this period, the existing Soulwind state and all its Detector stacks will be cleared.
topographic mapping

When a character affected by both Soulwind of Eagleplume and Starfrost Swirl scores a critical hit with an attack, Soulwind grants 1 stack of Rapid-Fire Suppression’s Detector.

You can get one detector stack this way during one instance of Eagleplume. Additionally, the maximum number of stacks that can only be obtained from Soul Wind is increased by 1. However, you must unlock Rapid Fire Suppression first.


Shows the location of nearby resources specific to Monstadt on the minimap.

Constellation of Micah

Contingency factor

Starfrost Swirl’s Soulwind state can reduce the healing lag between instances caused by Skyfeather Song’s Eagleplume state. This reduction is the same as the attack speed increase provided by Soulwind.

Chaperone Invasion

When Starfrost Swirl’s Flowfrost Arrow hits an opponent for the first time, or when its Rimestar Flare hits an opponent, the passive talent “Suppressive Barrage” generates a detection stack. The passive talent “Suppression Barrage” must be unlocked first.

reconnaissance veteran

Increases Skyfeather Song level to 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

Sunfrost Encomium

When Mika’s own Skyfeather Song’s Eagle Plume heals other members of the State Party, Mika’s energy is restored by 3. This form of energy recovery can occur 5 times on her during the Eagle Plume state created by her 1 use of Skyfeather Song.

signal arrow

Increases Starfrost Swirl level by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.

companions counsel

Increases the maximum number of detector stacks that can be obtained from Star Frost Swirl’s Soul Wind by 1. However, you must unlock the passive talent “Rapid Fire Suppression” first. Additionally, characters affected by Soul Wind deal 60% more physical critical damage.

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genshin impact It’s currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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