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The lofty genre has been powered up by a new strategic alliance between global gate Morbido Group, a rapidly expanding horror conglomerate in entertainment and Ibero-America.

Co-founded by former Pantherion Films CEO Paul Pressburger in 2016, Globalgate Entertainment is formed by Lionsgate and 14 other prominent international entertainment companies, including key players in key markets, with local language is a film and television production and co-financing consortium.

This strategic partnership, named MorbidoGate, aims to develop more advanced genre content by generating and acquiring intellectual property while fostering new talent in key markets around the world. increase.

The strategic alliance is backed by Palo Alto-based Maum Capital Group, founded by tech entrepreneur and investor Brian Khoo, and aims to translate the company’s technological advances into surreal digital humans and creatures. It will support the development of specific projects that can be used for portrayal.

Pressburger said, “We are enviously observing Morbido’s leadership position in this genre across Latin America and we are responding to their fears and expanding our business in this genre with our partners at Globalgate. I look forward to it,” he said.

“Now is the perfect time to launch the Morbido brand on a global scale. We have created a project,” he said, adding: “Through this partnership, we will be able to replicate what we do best – creating and developing great work – presenting the best and most talented films in new and exciting realms where the genre reigns supreme.” .”

“Not all projects require Maum support. After all, depending on the genre, you may have three people in your house, but Maum will provide technical support for projects that need it,” Giesa said. said Mr. variety.

Maum Culture Innovation CEO and Globalgate Executive Chairman William Pfeiffer added, “Maum’s advances in hyper-realistic digital humans and creatures are perfect for creating new and terrifying characters for movies and series that will be even more enjoyable in the Metaverse.” .

The news goes like this Newly Launched Genre Hub fantastic pavilion Invented in Cannes by Giza, Bernard Bergueret, Ventana Sur Daniel de la Vega, co-director and coordinator of Ventana Sur’s Maquinitas video game forum, has a busy schedule of events, networking opportunities, and more companies interested in participating in next year’s pavilion. It is a place for

“The Fantastic Pavilion gives us direct access to talent, projects and great business opportunities,” said Guisa, noting that the new joint venture with Globalgate is a path for Morbido to become a truly global horror brand. Open and watch.

Morbido Group, based in Mexico City, operates the Morbido Film Fest, radio programs and pay-TV channels available throughout Latin America, and participates in the production, promotion and distribution of films.

Globalgate’s consortium partners include Televisa (Latin America), TF1 (France), Nordisk (Scandinavia), Rakuten (Japan), Lotte (Korea), Tobis (Germany), Rai (Italy), TME (Turkey), Belga Films (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Paris Film (Brazil), CineColombia/Dynamo (Colombia), Falcon (Indonesia), Viva Communications (Philippines).

Having produced 20 films since its launch in 2016, Globalgate has built a content development pipeline of over 80 projects across film, digital and television.

Recent works include “Dhamaka” (India), “Sin Hijos” (Mexico), “Dân Choi Không so Con Roi” (aka “Instructions not included”, Vietnam), Cannes 2023 For example, the title of the international competition “Last Summer”. Currently, “No Kids” (Korea) and “Mamá o Papá”, a Mexican adaptation of the French hit comedy, are being prepared for release.

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