Golf Business News – Motocaddy Launches New Online Trading Ordering Platform


moto caddy has launched an all-new B2B platform that enables retail customers to place orders and manage their accounts more efficiently.

The new online portal, a first within the trolley category, will initially be available to trade customers in the UK, with plans to roll out to other countries in the coming months. To maximize the value of our user-friendly platform, Motocaddy retailers can register their accounts at:

“We are thrilled to be the first trolley brand to offer our customers an online account management system,” said Steve Morris, Motocaddy Sales Director. “We know golf retailers are busier than ever, so our goal is to make the ordering process as seamless as possible, even when our offices are closed. It will definitely help us save money and improve the overall service we offer.The new platform will make working with Motocaddy easier than ever for hundreds of stockers across the UK,” he added. .

The new Motocaddy trading portal boasts a wide range of features including detailed product information, inventory availability, a 24/7 ordering process and quick product search capabilities. It also includes a customer account his dashboard where the user can view the order history, current balance, past payments and check the status of the order. Customers using this platform will be able to view the full range of Motocaddy products (including golf bags, batteries and accessories) and expedite the purchasing process with optimized browsing for mobile and desktop devices. and easy to do.

Over 25% of orders for Motocaddy products were placed during off-hours during the recent trial period, necessitating timely deployment of the B2B platform.

“With many exciting new product launches in the coming weeks, this new platform will allow customers to spend less time on the phone and more time selling,” Morris added. “We also have a full team of Motocaddy Territory Sales Managers to support our trading accounts and an experienced team of call center customer service representatives. It reaffirms our commitment to serve you.”

Find out more about Motocaddy Online Trading Portal here

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