Growatt Revolutionizes Portable Power Solutions with Debut of Infinity 1500

Glow Watt, the world’s leading brand in storage battery technology, has announced its expansion into the portable generator market with the launch of its first products. portable generatorThe move is in response to growing demand for clean and efficient solar banks.

The Infinity 1500 backup generator is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to noisy and polluting gas generators. Provides quiet and efficient power for a variety of application scenarios. For outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, RVers and vans, the Infinity 1500 backup generator You can easily pack it in your car and use it anywhere. It’s also an ideal choice for emergency prepareders who need reliable and efficient backup power support.

With a battery capacity of 1,512Wh and an AC output of 2,000W, the Infinity 1500 backup generator can power nearly 95% of outdoor and domestic appliances. Equipped with 12 outlets to meet diverse power needs. The AC charging speed is amazing, taking only 1.6 hours to fully charge.As solar power bank, with 800W solar input and excellent MPPT efficiency up to 99%. In addition, it adopts Growatt’s advanced Battery Management System (BMS) technology to ensure higher battery safety. The product also supports functions such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS), multiple unit expansion, and APP remote control to meet the expansion needs of different scenarios.

As battery technology advances and consumer demand soars, the study shows that the portable power sector is showing good momentum at a CAGR of 4.9%. The market size is expected to double by 2030. “Customers are demanding portable clean energy solutions and we are proud to leverage our technological strengths in portable power solutions to make clean and sustainable power more accessible around the world. there is,” he said. Growatt Global Marketing Director Lisa Zhang said: “Our team aims to help our customers live a green and sustainable lifestyle with all-scenario decarbonization tools. We will continue to develop advanced portable power products that meet the needs,” Zhang concluded.

Growatt said the Infinity 1500 backup generator will be launched first in the U.S. market, after which the product will be available in Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions, meeting the growing demand for clean, efficient, portable power solutions. said it was planned.

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