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After six months of constant training in preparation for the Spring Ball, the Reds are finally back on the field. Beginning May 1, Gustin High School Football his team will be able to plan their offense and defense after weightlifting.

Second-year head coach Colin Lane wants to focus on making sure everyone maintains their academic credentials and coaching offense and defense to keep everyone from falling behind. . The amount of time the team spends on offense and defense on the field is limited, but they continue to enter the weight room every day. “I’m proud of our athletes who are taking every chance they’ve been given. We’ve had a consistent number of footballers showing up in the weight room since December,” Lane said.

Lane is excited to see how this year’s national team fare after a good offseason. “We are ready to see what Xander Leyva does in his senior year. Another player who has made big strides in the weight room is junior lineman Isaiah Prado, who started for both teams last season and has been a solid offensive and defensive line for the next two years. I’m also excited to see Joao Palomino Jr. play for the varsity this year, as Joao added 1,000 all-purpose yards last year and was the JV’s top rusher last season. was.”

Xander Leyva has been playing football for 11 years and will be entering his fourth and final season with the national team’s Reds team. Zander hopes to set a good example for the team of what a senior leader should be like and hopes to bring many wins in his first season as quarterback. He’s excited about summer training, practicing at 6 a.m. and doing the “6th Street Run” through downtown Gustin. As a team, Leyva hopes to build bonds between all age groups so we can focus on getting better every day. “Being more of a leader, improving my quarterback skills, making sure my voice is heard, and improving my personality overall,” Leiva said of himself this season. He talked about what he wanted to do more.

Next junior Isaiah Prado will be in his second year with the national team and will start the season as center for the Reds. Isaiah is looking forward to getting in shape during training this summer, bonding with his juniors and spending another season with the seniors to come. As a team, Prado said: “We are making progress. We all have the same goal of winning games, so we are all doing our best to succeed.” As a player, Isaiah is responsible for protecting the quarterback, answering questions, helping the line, and overall leading the team.

Joao Palomino Jr. will play fullback in his freshman year of college football this season. Joan expects a dedicated contribution. So that I can grab the glory and contribute to the victory of the team. He wants to train more to get faster and be able to outrun opponents and compete at the national team level. “As a 15-year-old with the national team, I don’t get the same respect as other teammates, so I have to work to build a brotherly relationship,” Palomino said.

The team has done well this year building team chemistry and believing that a year of hard work will make a difference in the fall season. This year’s team is keen to change the culture of Gustin football and the internationals have stepped up as leaders. Twenty students from the team will participate in an overnight leadership building camp and an overnight retreat at Lake Hume on May 19 to continue building team bonds and leadership.

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