Han Solo’s lightsaber skills are much better than Star Wars fans know

Han Solo Not exactly known for his lightsaber skills Star Wars. Granted, he’s used it in emergencies before, but that doesn’t fully qualify him as someone with the “skill” to wield a Jedi blade. However, in the original sequel trilogy (now conceived), Legend), Han does a little more than carve out a tone tone with his lightsaber.

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Fans see Han Solo wielding a lightsaber for the first time (and for some, the last time). Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. In this scene, Han ventures out into the snowy landscape of Hoth in search of Luke Skywalker, who was kidnapped by a wampa before escaping. Han was aboard the Tauntaun on this mission, but the Tauntaun was killed in extreme weather as he tried to find Luke and return to the Rebel base. Luke himself nearly froze to death, but Han was perfectly fine.so Han took luke skywalker lightsaber, lit it, cut open Tauntaun’s belly, and then shoved Luke inside the dead creature to keep him warm. Seemingly despicable, Han’s use of his lightsaber literally saved the life of the man chosen to save the galaxy from Sith evil, and Han’s small effort became an act of cosmic heroism. But the next time Han picks up his lightsaber, he’ll do something a little more spectacular.

Han Solo Cuts Down Enemy Ships With Lightsaber In ‘Star Wars Legends’

of Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #2 by Timothy Zahn, Mike Baron, Olivier Vatine, Fred Blanchard Han, Luke, and Leia are being hunted by Nogri’s gang sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn. After they decide it’s safe, Luke leaves the other members and sets out on a solo mission to Dagobah. However, after Han and Leia reach their next destination, they are attacked again. Only this time, the enemy fires at them from inside a nearly exact replica of the Millennium Falcon. Han grabs Leia’s lightsaber when it becomes clear that the blaster fire will not work. Leia is being trained in the Force to become a Jedi) and cuts through the fake Falcon and takes down the ship with one hand.

Han Solo Lightsaber Star Wars

Han notes that it wasn’t just the force of the blades themselves that sank the ship with a single blow, but deliberately targeted the cooling lines to the main drive, essentially rendering the ship incapacitated and doomed to crash. clarified. This suggests that Han not only shook off his lightsaber hoping to inflict as much damage as possible, but ignited his Jedi weapon with the intention of making a precise mark on the false Falcon and began manipulatively pulling it away. Prove it. Even a Clone Wars-era Jedi would have a hard time doing something like this solo, and Han doesn’t even have the Force.

Destroying a single ship with a lightsaber isn’t as important as using it to save the man who takes down an empire, but it’s arguably a more spectacular display of near-Jedi-level prowess with a blade. is not. Han Solo‘s secret lightsaber skill is much better than others Star Wars Fans know.

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