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boston—Baker Lawn was filled with smiles, applause and sunshine as all 984 students in the Harvard Business School (HBS) 2023 MBA class gathered to celebrate Class Day on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 . The class day usually takes place the day before the graduation ceremony and is planned and implemented by a committee of her graduating MBA students. The alumni, along with family, friends and guests, honored five Teacher Education Award winners and listened to speeches from classmates and one of this year’s Alumni Achievement Award recipients.

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The event began with remarks from Mr. Sam Deutsch, Principal Senator of the Student Association (SA) School Days Committee. Professor Deutsch acknowledged the tribal land on which the university is located and more than 70 people enslaved by Harvard’s leaders, faculty and staff. “These acknowledgments, along with our celebrations this week, are intended to recognize the continuing efforts of the University and its affiliates to consider their history and its impact on the present day. I do,” he said.

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Deutsch then introduced SA Co-Chairs Zoe Mathieu and Sebastian Negron-Richard, and took time out of the SA leadership team and operational members to make the 2023 Class of 2023 a memorable experience. He expressed his gratitude for his dedication.

Matthews and Negron-Richard reflected on the ups and downs 2023 graduates have experienced, including dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and what that means for the world. “And maybe that’s our legacy: a generation of leaders who are uniquely prepared for the roller coaster ride of life,” Matthews commented.

Classday Co-Chairs Katie Donewald and Temi Oronilua Announce Teacher Education Award To Tony Mayo, Professor Sofas Reinert, Assistant Professor Charlotte Robertson, and Professor Tom Nicholas and Associate Professor Meg Lismere, in the second year elective curriculum, for their excellence and teaching. dedication, and a positive assessment was given. The impact they had inside and outside the classroom.

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Student speaker Adan Acevedo reminded his classmates of the importance of empathy and compassion as leaders. Acevedo told the story of his parents’ journey from El Salvador to the United States and of himself as a first-generation immigrant child. His accomplishments in life, including admission to Harvard University, internship at the White House Public Works Service, and teaching at Teach for America, would not have been possible without the support of his wife, parents, teachers, and manager. said.

Reminding the audience that being kind, practicing compassion, and building community are actions, not aesthetics, Acevedo praised some of his classmates who were already practicing these principles. . “Despite what we have learned about scarcity and finite resources, the supply of kindness and compassion knows no bounds,” he said. “We’ve booked summer plans, flights, and vans. We have a fountain of memories that never runs dry. And we have friendships to replenish them. Only question now. What kind of leader will you be after two years at Harvard Business School?”

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Mr. Oronirua was next honored as Class Day’s featured speaker, Raymond J. McGuire, J.D./MBA 1984, current president of financial services firm Lazard and former vice chairman of Citigroup, who has received the following awards: We introduced the award winners. 2023 Alumni Achievement Award. After greeting the audience and thanking those who helped him along the way, McGuire reflected on his journey and described the “four P’s” that helped him through difficult times: prayer, preparation, performance, You mentioned paranoia. He urged students to tackle some of society’s most important issues, including climate change, education, political divisions in the country, and democracy itself.

“HBS has been brilliant in its efforts to avoid parochial and divisive politics, staying true to its foundation of thorough and in-depth education that trains leaders for tomorrow’s most difficult challenges,” he said. rice field. “Your legacy lies somewhere between the wealth you create and the lives you influence. Your privileges give you choices. Always keep in mind that there should be no spectators in the battle of salvation.”

The school day ended with Oronilua’s brief greeting and a final thank you to our speakers, faculty, school day committee, partners, children, friends and family. “And with this, we have reached another milestone. Take a moment to immerse yourself in this experience and try to stay where you are.Congratulations Class of 2023, start making a difference in the world today. I can’t wait to see it!”

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