Heartwarming!Watch a video of a little boy defending his mom’s shop during a violent storm

Heartwarming!Little Boy Protects Mom's Shop During Heavy Storm | Watch Video

Nagaland Minister of Tourism and Higher Education Temjen Imna Along shared this moving and heartwarming video on Twitter.

Every day we come across news and videos that in some way inspire or motivate us. A video of a boy trying to save a store from a violent storm is now circulating on social media.

Nagaland Minister of Tourism and Higher Education Temjen Imna Aron shared this moving and heartwarming video of the child on Twitter.

The video showed the boy reaching out to his mother as a violent storm threatened to hit the area. The boy was holding onto the tarp tightly while his mother tied ropes to all the items in the store’s safe.

As the video progresses, a small child runs to grab a chair that has fallen in a strong wind. Minister Nagaland, who shared the video, said he was surprised to see the level of responsibility the child had in him at an early age.

“Age is not a factor in understanding responsibility. Only circumstances tell it!” he wrote to Along while sharing the video.

The 31-second video has received over 210,000 views and 11,000 likes since it was uploaded to Twitter 10 hours ago.

Several netizens also shared their opinions on the video. One of our users said that once they understand what it takes to survive, they automatically start acting responsibly regardless of their age.

Another user said that difficult and difficult times teach us not only compassion but also responsibility. Another user said that sometimes life teaches us lessons that were never taught in school.

Aron has shared moving and engaging videos like this on several occasions. The Bharatiya Janata Party leader is also popular on social media for his witty sense of humor.

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