Help orphaned baby elephants survive!

Africa is in the midst of a horrifying elephant poaching crisis. Fueled by the insatiable and illicit demand for their precious ivory tusks, tens of thousands of African elephants are brutally killed every year, leaving their young orphaned and our hearts heavy.

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: AP

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory. This amounts to a devastating loss of nearly 100 precious elephant lives each day. Behind these harrowing statistics lies another grim reality: a growing number of orphaned elephants.

Alone, helpless, and without their mothers’ milk, most elephant calves will die within DAYS of being displaced or orphaned. Their survival depends on all the help they can get from animal lovers like you!

Please, can baby elephants count on you today?

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: HERD

Our partner, Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), runs an elephant orphanage in South Africa. Their mission is to provide critical, around-the-clock care for rescued elephant calves who have been orphaned because of poaching or snaring – snares being the wire devices laid by poachers to capture wild animals.

HERD performs life-saving work, and right now, vulnerable elephant orphans need special milk formula if they are to have ANY hope of survival.

Will you help us rush this vital, life-saving milk to orphaned elephant calves?

…Orphans like Khanyisa – a three-year-old rare albino elephant calf.

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: HERD

At just four months old, Khanyisa fell victim to a wire snare, suffering for at least four agonizing days as the wire wrapped around her cheeks and cut into her mouth and ear. After being rescued from South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Khanyisa was transferred to HERD for life-saving treatment.

Thankfully, through extensive stem cell treatment and rehabilitation, Khanyisa has made a miraculous recovery. But she still has a long road ahead of her. Elephant calves are extremely sensitive, and a gradual milk-weaning process must be followed.

If the weaning process is rushed, the calf will die.

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: HERD

Little Khanyisa desperately needs a special milk formula for the next year for her long-term healing and survival – AND she’s not the only one!

Known as “poaching season,” October through December has always been a period during which the highest number of poaching incidents are reported. We support anti-poaching initiatives across Africa, which are effective at stopping many criminals in their tracks, but the reality is that poaching remains a persistent problem.

Vulnerable calves whose mothers have been killed – and others who may fall victim to the same tragic fate – are in desperate need of our help. HERD is expecting an influx of orphans in the next few months. This is the harsh reality in South Africa right now, and we MUST be ready.

The CLOCK IS TICKING! If we can raise $7,000 (£5,615), we will help provide enough special milk formula for little Khanyisa and other orphaned elephants like her for the next three months. Please, will you help us?

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: HERD

Elephants – especially orphaned calves – are highly vulnerable and dependent on the correct nourishment, care and companionship. Many rescued by HERD are injured, dehydrated and traumatized.

It is critical that we provide these poor creatures with a special milk formula that replicates the vital nutrients they would normally receive from their mothers. This is necessary for overall health, growth and SURVIVAL, and with your support right now, we can rush this life-saving milk to orphaned baby elephants in need immediately.

Every elephant needs a herd. As a species, their strong family bonds and delicate social dynamics are integral to their well-being. Once fully healed, HERD’s orphans are gradually introduced to the Jabulani Herd – a unique and close-knit family of 16 rescued and orphaned elephants from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The herd has continued to unconditionally accept new orphans like Khanyisa in need of a family, and with your help, we hope to give more rescued orphaned calves this same chance.

Help orphaned baby elephants survive!Credit: HERD

Please help us provide rescued orphaned elephants with the nutrition they desperately need to survive so that they can be lovingly accepted into a family of elephants who have suffered the same fate and live out the rest of their days safe and free of suffering.

Your compassionate generosity will make a direct and lasting impact in the lives of orphaned elephants. So please, if you possibly can, donate generously to Animal Survival International today.

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