Here’s why this Turkish city is exploding in popularity

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Turkiye is one of the most popular Destination for Westerners now that travel restrictions have eased.

A continent-spanning country with an impressive cultural wealth and thousands of years of history, Turkiye is home to some of the world’s most iconic sights.

View of the old marina of Antalya, Kaleici or old town on the cliff, east mediterranean coast of Antalya, Turkiye, Turkey

From the minaret-dotted skyline of Istanbul to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkiye is teeming with astonishing man-made and natural wonders. one destination in particular, It seems to be growing in popularity among travelers, especially sunseekers.

Surpassing many other sunny bases in Turkiye, Antalya teeth Exploding in popularity This year it may be because:

Antalya set to break tourism record in 2023

Kaleici old street full of vines and flowers, lined with historic houses from the Ottoman era, Kaleici, Antalya old town, Turkiye east mediterranean coast, west asia

Antalya is set to see historic tourism growth this year, with new data showing the southern jewel of Turkiye has already received 2.1 million tourists. From January 1st to May 7thwas the best first quarter (Q1) of the year ever and a staggering 45% year-over-year increase.

In terms of pre-pandemic figures, it is already 10% above the level of 2019, when 1.91 million visitors were recorded in the first four months. Considering these staggering figures, you may wonder why Antalya continues to gain momentum.

According to experts, the reasons for this rapid growth are: Tourists from Western countries and Russia soar.

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Antalya Mermerli Praj Beach, Old Town Harbor, Turkey, Mediterranean Coast

Unlike most of Europe, Turkiye keeps its borders open, maintains a visa-free policy with unfriendly countries and welcomes shunned Russian tourists with open arms.

Today, Russians cannot easily travel to Spain, France, Italy and the Schengen area, where most of Europe’s sunny spots are located. very recently They do not flock to Croatia, but to Turkiye, especially the eastern Mediterranean.

Westerners are also behind the surge in visitor numbers, but for them, the appeal of Turkiye is affordable beach destinations.

How cheap is Antalya?

Aerial view of Antalya, Türkiye

One US dollar is worth approximately ₺19.58 (Turkish lira) and the currency continues to depreciate against the dollar as Turkiye’s economy plummets.

While this It’s certainly disturbing news local people Tourists who earn minimum wage and travel with dollars usually benefit from excellent exchange rates and very affordable food and accommodation, at least for them.

according to Numbeois a crowdsourced global database that tracks the cost of living in different cities around the world, and singles living in Antalya are expected to spend an average of US$487.07 per month, excluding rent.

Broken Minaret Mosque in Kaleici Old Town, Turkiye, Antalya, Eastern Mediterranean

it is worth noting Numbeodata have not been peer-reviewed.So I can only provide an estimate based on what our members report, but since I myself have visited Antalya and on a tighter budget he stayed for just over a month, this monthly average is not far.

Antalya is hard to beat as a cultural destination, apart from being a cheap alternative to the expensive west.

One of the Mediterranean’s most culturally relevant cities

Young female tourist crossing Hadrian's Gate in old town Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey

Originally founded as a Greek colony around 150 BC, it later developed as a Roman port. It still retains many of its classic features, such as his 1st-century Hadrian’s Gate and fortifications that guard the entrance to the cobbled streets of the Old Town. They line up along the harbor.

A short drive from Antalya are numerous Greco-Roman settlements and archaeological sites, the most famous being Perge, where visitors can walk along the colonnaded Agora and the ancient Hellenic Steps. .

What you can’t miss in Aspendos The best-preserved ancient Roman theaterFurther east, in the bustling port town of Side, is the picturesque Temple of Apollo perched on a Mediterranean promontory, where you can take pictures of the beautiful sunsets below.

Great water park and beautiful beach

Antalya is at the forefront not only of its rich heritage, but also of tourist leisure.

Landmark land of legends Theme park only 35 km from Antalya, admission tickets available Starting at just USD 35.90. The property includes a monumental slide, a boat ride with fairytale views, a beach club, and even an on-site hotel.

Within the boundaries of the city of Antalya are: numerous water parks Choose from other aquatic attractions, including the Antalya Aquarium, the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, and a family-friendly aquarium. Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland.

water park woman

When it comes to beaches, your options are: Unlimited: The city’s beaches are pebbly and not very beautiful, but a short drive along the coast brings you to Cirali Plajı, a pristine sandy beach surrounded by bright blue waters.

phaselis is Another popular spot for both tourists and locals: A secluded group of coves surrounded by pine-covered slopes dotted with Greek ruins, the perfect place for bathing and soaking in history in crystal clear basins.

Don’t miss Mermeli Plaju, a secret swimming spot between Kaleici Harbor and cliffs in Old Town Antalya.

Mermeli beach in Antalya, Turkiye on the eastern Mediterranean coast, a small beach under the cliffs of the old town of Kaleici

last year, Turkiye reported. Tourist arrivals surged by 80.33% year-on-year, reaching 44.6 million from January to December 2022, edging closer to the peak of 45.1 million reached in 2019.

The government expects tourist numbers to rise further, with more than 60 million tourists expected in 2023, with up to 90 million arriving annually by the end of 2010.

As one of the country’s leading resort cities, we offer the best and most diverse tourism offers, trendy antalya He has played a key role in leading the recovery of tourism-dependent Turkiye amid economic hardship.

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