Highly Evolved Survival Breaks the GotG trope

Guardians of the Galaxy’s enemies are widely considered to be the worst of the worst enemies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For example, Ronan massacred innocent people to enact outdated Cree laws. Ego, on the other hand, wanted to procreate and kill his offspring and spread his influence across the galaxy, intending to kill everyone. But even so, no villain has yet been so twisted and despised. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3“The High Evolution”.

Little is known of the High Evolutionaries’ past, other than that their perverted desire to perfect the world led them to capture and torture living creatures to fit their vision of perfection. This was shown through Rocket Raccoon, who tragically dehumanized himself in order to become an aide to High Evolution’s ultimate goal. But even though he ruined Rocket’s life, Rocket saved him. Confirmed by James Gunnproved that the Guardians had finally broken a long-standing trend in how they dealt with their enemies.

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Advanced Evolver’s Fate Changes Guardians of the Galaxy Forever

High Evolution looking angry in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

When Rocket finally revived after a near-death experience with Adam Warlock, he challenged his creator to battle and free all creatures he had conquered. This included a family of raccoons and other animals he found in the dark room. But before he can escape the destruction of High Evolution’s ship, Rocket faces him, His creator reprimanded him and nearly killed him. Far from yielding, however, Rocket refuses to satisfy him and shoots him, leaving the rest of the Guardians to lick him before defeating him.

The team was known for killing its enemies without hesitation, but Rocket chose to save his dastardly Creator.Rocket knew everything Advanced Evolvers did And while he never allowed it, perhaps after being surrounded by too many deaths, he decided the cycle had to end. Killing his own creator would not be his destiny. And having a highly evolved person live in a world where imperfections exist in harmony can be an even greater punishment. As a result, Rocket decides to imprison him in Nowhere after carrying his “father” out of the exploding ship.

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Rocket’s choice proved he would be a great leader

Rocket Raccoon looking angry next to High Evolution from Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket is the Guardian most likely to kill the main villain without hesitation. On his first mission, he attempts to fly a ship directly to Ronan to kill him, to no avail. As a result, his understated The High Evolution proved just how much the character has grown. But more importantly, after Star-Lord went on hiatus, Rocket proved why he’s a worthy leader of the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Vol.3, proved that they could be the most violent team in the MCU. But through Rocket, the group has broken the mold of a villain who deserves to be destroyed. Rocket showed that self-restraint may be necessary to show that killing isn’t always the solution. And it’s an important lesson as he leads a team full of young and new teammates.Now Rocket has shown that lead the Guardians team Focused on protecting rather than killing and established the belief that killing should not be the first resort.

To see High Evolution in action, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is now in theaters.

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