Homebody, Survival Horror Puzzle Game Coming To Switch

home body

Publisher Rogue Games and developer GameGrumps announced today that Homebody will be released in 2019. switch. Available June 1, 2023.

Homebody is a survival horror puzzle game where you reunite with old friends for a fun weekend, but you may end up witnessing your own death. Continue below for more information.

Homebody takes place in an eerie, foreboding yet nostalgic atmosphere and is set in a looping narrative that drives the story and gameplay, featuring puzzles and mysteries woven throughout the environment.

Homebody tells the story of Emily and her college friends who gather in a secluded rented house to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower. Social anxiety leaves Emily isolated and insecure as her group of friends tries to rekindle old ties and friendships, her emotional scars surface. Eventually, a power outage occurs, and the group is enveloped in relief. As darkness sets in, a mysterious killer appears and kills her friends one by one.

Emily is trying to survive! If you don’t help her find her way out, she will be out of this nightmare forever. Solve her puzzles, reunite with her friends and don’t give up on escaping her house.

Main features

  • RETRO STYLE: Enjoy a nostalgic art style that reminds you of classic 80’s slasher movies. Homebody features retro yet modern gameplay that draws the player in through a deep, strange, and emotional experience.
  • A Disturbing Getaway: Emily and friends gather for the annual Perseid meteor shower. But amidst strained relationships and growing anxiety, what should have been a relaxing weekend quickly goes awry, and is attacked by a mysterious killer.
  • Mysterious Story: After a bloody night, Emily wakes up in the hallway. Emily realizes that something is terribly wrong with her, so she must find her escape no matter what happens. Learn more about choice-driven dialogue and Emily’s relationship. Let her sneak around the house, move quietly and hide in the closet to escape the killer’s reactive her AI. Death may be inevitable for her, but her knowledge never dies. Use her in-game diary to track clues and puzzle solutions to piece together this mysterious happening.
  • Puzzle Solving: Solving ever-changing puzzles and challenges throughout the home requires strategy and creative thinking. Be careful and act fast as the clock ticks and an unpredictable killer roams the house looking for Emily and her friends.

And here is the trailer for Homebody.

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