Honey Dijon’s DJ Fashion Week Party


Honey Dijon‘s DJ set at New York’s Glasshouse on Saturday night came right after her appearance at the Grammy Awards. That’s when millions outside the club scene got a glimpse of her DJ prowess, which those within the club scene danced to and admired. Year.

Even Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” featuring two collaborations with Dijon, ridiculed for Album of the Year. Dance Among lovers of her music, Dijon’s long career and her stunning DJ sets have already cemented her legacy.

the party was thrown by tech support, a New York collective that specializes in Ibiza-style club nights. Techno snobs, circuit queens and other party people came out dancing at Mr. Dijon’s altar.

At 12:30 am, the huge venue was still slowly filling as DJ Hank K applauded from the deck. “We call this DJ ‘Cocktail Sauce’ because we’re all waiting for Honey Dijon,” he said as he and his wife waited for their set. A partygoer with a goatee who looked grumpy said,

Hank K was aware he was playing second fiddle, but claimed it was an honor. “She can be a great DJ for anyone, but she’s swaggering,” he said.

That confidence has been honed over a decades-long career that began in Chicago’s rave scene in the 1990s. She later gained international acclaim as her DJ and produced her two albums of her original house tracks.Madonna called Ms. Dijon her favorite DJ

When she hit the deck a few minutes before 1am, she was simply dressed in an unbuttoned black shirt, blue jeans, and a Dodgers baseball cap. Her expression was “She’s here on business.” and her work she did.

Ms. Dijon’s set was broad, but rooted in traditional house music. She made good use of her preliminary drum loops and her vocal samples set against dramatic silences that spun to a dramatic climax. The crowd responded with screams and fist pumps.

A longtime fan named Jorge Egal, 37, who works at JP Morgan, danced and blew kisses from the front row. She added that she met Ms. Dijon when she first moved to New York City.

Another fan, Giri Elias, 42, who works as a DJ, said he traveled on a whim from Tel Aviv and paid $170 for VIP admission. “Money is nothing to me,” he said.

The crowd included many shirtless, muscular men who greeted each other with hugs and kisses. Her VIP section, stocked with bottles of vodka and mixers, was lined with young women in tube-her tops and gray-haired men in hoodies and blowfish jackets dancing side by side. The main dance floor was packed, but there was plenty of room in the margins for those who wanted to dance in their spare time.

Among the suburban dancers was R&B musician Honey Bxby, 23, from New Jersey, wearing a Doll’s Kill fishnet bodysuit. Nearby are the towering drags of his pair of queens, a young man pleading his friends up and down the runway springboards, and Fanny, a neon biker gyrating furiously against his pack. There was a bearded man in black shorts.

The scales and sounds were reminiscent of warehouse raves, but bleached and polished to a sheen. We didn’t see any glowing sticks or plastic candies on his bracelets, but there were plenty of lollipops and whistles.

Around 3 a.m. when Ms. Dijon performed a few songs from her 2022 album, Black Girl Magic, some partygoers brought in fans and they started clapping.

Her set lasted over three hours and ended with her playing air keyboards over a jazzy piano house riff before touching the hands of fans who reached out to her booth. As Eli Escobar took over the deck, someone in the front row handed Mr. Dijon his glasses.

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