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Serval is serious star rail. Check here for serval skills, materials, traces, and more.

True feelings: Starrail Asta

The free and rebellious eldest daughter of the Landau family, who was once Kokoria’s best friend, but her interests now lie in mechanics. In ever-wintering Belobog, she opened a workshop called “Neverwinter,” which closed occasionally for rock and roll performances.

And if someone asks her about the profitability of the workshop… “It’s just a hobby, you.” ”

We meet Serval Landor on our journey through Belobog in Jaliro VI. We get to know a little bit about her, her family, and her history with Kokoria through her mission in Yarilo VI. She was given free to players through her pre-registration rewards.

Serval is 4 star lightning characters belonging to the path of erudition. Members of this path excel at multi-target damage, and Serval is no exception. Her combat skills allow her to hit multiple targets at once, easily creating waves of enemies right in front of her.

In the English narration, Serval is voiced sound By Natalie Van Sistina. She has voiced numerous dubbing roles in anime, including Yor Forger in Spy X Family and Arnheid in Vinland Saga. Her video game roles include Harran and Soldier FA in Victory: NIKKE, and various roles in V Rising.

Serval’s Japanese voice actor Manami, known for her role as Kasumi Toyama in BanG Dream! franchise.

Serval second coming material

To fully level up your Serval to level 80, you’ll need:

  • Silvermane Guard drops:
    • 12 silver mane badge
    • 13 Silver Mane Insignia
    • 12 Silver Mane Medals
  • 50 Lightning Crown of Shadows of the Past
  • 826,200 credits
  • (Equivalent) 5,797,920 EXP:
    • 289 Tourist Guide
    • 3 Adventure Journal
    • 3 Travel Encounters

Serval skills and trace materials

To maximize all her skills (base attack to 6, skills, ultimates, and talents to 10) and unlock all traces, you need the following materials:

  • Silvermane Guard drops:
    • 28 silver mane badge
    • 42 Silvermane Insignia
    • 42 Silver Mane Medal
  • Calix (Rivet Town) drops:
    • 12 keys to inspiration
    • 54 Keys of Knowledge
    • 105 Key to Wisdom
  • Echo of War (Everwinter Hill) drops:
  • 5 Locus of Destiny
  • 2,400,000 credits

Serval skill

The following values ​​are for Trace Lv.1. 1.

Basic attack – roaring thunder (single target)

  • Deal lightning damage equal to 50% of Serval’s attack power to a single enemy.

Skill- lightning flash (roar)

  • Inflicts lightning damage equal to 70% of Serval’s attack power to a single enemy and lightning damage equal to 30% of Serval’s attack power to adjacent enemies.
  • While in Shock, enemies receive Lightning DoT equal to 40% of Serval’s ATK at the start of each turn.

Ultimate – mechanical fever is coming (range)

  • Inflicts lightning damage equal to 108% of Serval’s attack power to all enemies. For enemies already in shock, he extends the duration of shock by 2 turns.
  • Energy Cost: 100

Talent – galvanic code (Strengthen)

  • After Serval’s attack, deal additional lightning damage equal to 36% of Serval’s attack power to all shocked enemies.

Technique – Good night Belobog

  • Attack the enemy instantly. After the battle begins, deal lightning damage equal to 50% of Serval’s ATK to one random enemy, and shock all enemies for 3 turns with a 100% base chance.
  • While in Shock, enemies receive Lightning DoT equal to 50% of Serval’s ATK at the start of each turn.

Traces of Serval

Indentation means dependencies.

Rock’n’Roll (Requires Ascension 2) – Skills have a 20% base chance to shock enemies.

  • Effect Accuracy +4% (Return required 2)
    • CRIT rate +2.7% (Return required 3)
    • Effect resistance +4% (Return required 3)

String Vibration (Requires Ascension 4) – Immediately restores 15 Energy at the start of combat.

  • CRIT rate +4% (return required 4)
    • Effect Accuracy +6% (Return required 5)
    • CRIT rate +4% (return required 5)

Maniac (Requires Ascension 6) – Killing an enemy increases ATK by 20% for 2 turns.

  • Effect resistance +6% (Return required 6)
  • Effect hit rate +8% (Lv.75 required)

Critical rate +2.7%

CRIT rate +5.3% (Lv.80 required)

Serval Eidolon

echo chamber

  • Base Attack deals lightning damage equal to 60% of the base Attack’s damage to random enemies adjacent to the base Attack’s target.


  • Each time Serval’s talent activates to deal extra damage, she restores 4 energy.

Hear the beating of gears

  • Skill Lv. +2, max Lv.2 15.
  • Base attack power Lv. +1, up to max Lv. Ten.

Please make noise!

  • Ultimate has a 100% base chance to shock enemies who are not currently shocked. This shock has the same effect as a skill shock.

Belobog’s Loudest Roar!

  • Ultimate Lv. +2, max Lv.2 15.
  • Talent Lv. +2, max Lv.2 15.

This song will rock you to heaven!

  • Servals deal 30% more damage to shocked enemies.

Official Serval Introduction

“Once you’re through the mall, follow the scent of the spark plugs and you’ll find me and my workshop, Neverwinter.

Are you saying it doesn’t smell? Your nose must not be very good, but you can hear it, right?

Find the Noisiest Shop! ”

Honkai: Starrail now available For iOS, Android, Windows PC and Epic Games Store.

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