Hot Luck Festival: Everything You Need to Know About Austin’s Food Event

It’s back: Aaron Franklin’s fifth annual tailgating atmospheric food and music party. hotluck festivall, starting next week be Lineup of top chefs and a great concert.

To help you navigate the multi-part event, Eater should know about the Hot Rack, which runs over Memorial Day weekend starting Thursday, from tips to event breakdowns, must-eat dishes, and concert suggestions. We’ve put together a handy guide that covers it all. , from May 25th to Sunday, May 28th.

As with any festival, wear comfy shoes, apply sunscreen, drink plenty of water (cocktails and beer are free at all events, temperatures will stay in the low 90s) and be prepared to eat a lot. please do. Parking can be a challenge at most events, so use a ride-hailing app or taxi, especially at the East Austin and Red River venues. Music is a big part of Hot Luck, so it’s okay to bring earplugs.

For those who are uplifted with Whole enchiladas are passed, note that early access is being offered to all events, both food and music.Part of the proceeds from this year’s festival go towards Organization centered on service workers Southern Smoke Foundation. And just like last year, contrary to the original structure of the festival, the concert does not include a food component.

Here are the itineraries suggested by Eater to best eat and enjoy Hot Luck.

Smoking ribs at Hot Luck’s Hi, How Are You event in 2022.
Alison Naro

People wait to enter a restaurant with a

Hi, How Are You line from Hot Luck in 2022.
Chad Wadsworth

Thursday, May 25th

The kick-off event is the festival’s biggest party, occupying the physical space and parking lot of the Franklin Barbecue Restaurant. Outdoor events provide a cookout atmosphere, including refreshments by Franklin and the team.

Full menu details were not available at the time of this guide’s publication, but it’s worth checking out for out-of-towners like Los Angeles chef Bricia Lopez of the famed Oaxacan restaurant. Guelaguetza (It’s good to speculate that she’ll use the mole to make something).With Sofina Wong, a chef at a tropical restaurant in New Orleans Mr. Mao (won Eater New Orleans) Restaurant debut in 2021 award).

As for Texas, investigate Misty Norris of Dallas’ Visceral System petra and the beastIt is probably considered an internal-centered dish.and Houston’s Patrick Feges and Erin Smith Barbecue in Fejeswho naturally makes barbecue-ish stuff and one of the great sides.

For Austinians, Tracy Malechek Ezekiel Winner of the Eater Austin Award new american wine restaurant Birdies Worth checking out (hope they have some kind of pasta dish and soft serve ice cream). Also, along with Eater Austin Award Winner And in the BBQ vein, visit New School BBQ Truck Pitmaster Evan Leroy Leroy & Lewis (perhaps he will offer a new dish to be introduced in) Far South Austin restaurant to open soon).
where: franklin barbecue900 East 11th Street, Central East Austin
when: 6:00pm to 9:00pm (Entire enchilada entry until 5:30pm)
access: All-Access Enchilada Entire Pass OR $180 a la carte ticket

A person holding a brisket sandwich with sliced ​​pickles.

Grab a Franklin BBQ brisket sandwich at Hot Luck’s Hi, How Are You.
hotluck festival

A woman serving baked goods during a food event.

Chef Laura Sawicky serving baked goods at Hot Luck’s ‘Hi, How Are You’ in 2022.
hotluck festival

Choose your night of cover bands in this showcase of the four concerts taking place tonight. new music venues not yet open Coral snake (former) long play east/stay gold/El Leon). Headliners will be Thin Lizzy tribute band Think Lizzy (meaning Irish rock music), accompanied by Queen tribute band Magnifico.
where: coral snake1910 East Cesar Chavez Street, Holly
when: Doors open at 8pm
access: Free entry hall enchilada pass or $20 ticket

Friday, May 26th

This new event takes its cues from carnivals and fairs. Notable chefs visiting outside of Texas include: Amanda Shulman, chef at Philadelphia’s Supper Club Spot her placeChef Mason Hereford at Fun Sandwich Shop in New Orleans turkey and wolf (Perhaps the team will also serve food from a new 1980s-themed breakfast-inspired restaurant. hungry eyes); Washington, D.C. pastry chef Paola Velez Important Anti-Racism Baker’s Bake SaleStuart Brioza, chef at San Francisco seafood spot anchovy bar (Let’s assume anchovies are in the dish).And finally, Gabriel Rucker, chef of Portland’s French restaurant Le Pigeon. For non-U.S. chefs, check out Montreal wine bar chef Marc-Olivier Flappier. Mon Lapin.

From Austin, there are two great food groups to check out. First, for tacos, Nyxta Taqueriawith Edgar Rico Quantos Tacosof Luis “Beto” Robredo. And then there are those who lean towards pastries and sweets, like Laura Sawicky, a Korean-American restaurant. Oseyo (cooking with Executive Chef Mike Diaz). Tavel Bristol-Joseph of Caribbean Restaurant Kangje (Hopefully he makes a great tres leches cake. And Sarah Mackintosh of French New Orleans-inspired restaurant Epithree (Do something croissant-ish).And although it is unrelated to both groups, Mr. Yoshi Okai of the omakase Japanese restaurant Man I’m sure you’ll put on a great show.
where: fair market1100 East Fifth Street, East Austin
when: 7:00pm to 10:00pm (entrance for all enchiladas is at 6:30pm)
access: All-Access Enchilada Entire Pass OR $180 a la carte ticket

A person who serves sandwiches on a small plate at a food event.

A person serving sandwiches during the 2022 Hot Luck event in Mohawk.
hotluck festival

Two pizzas on the cooling grill next to a raw pizza on the outer pizza paddle.

Pizza during the 2022 Hot Luck event in Mohawk.
hotluck festival

There are four shows tonight, but it’s worth checking out this Austin-based band’s showcase. Colombian funk with his band Superfónicos, Latin world beats with his fusion band Easy Compadre!
where: Mohican1502 East Sixth Street, East Cesar Chavez
when: Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10pm at Lost Palace, Easy Compadre at 11pm and Superphonics at midnight.
access: Enchilada admission pass or $10 cash ticket at the entrance

Saturday, May 27th

This is a large-scale hot rack event where participating chefs present live fire and smoked dishes. Therefore, it does not take place on the mainland of Austin due to the need for a lot of space. Rather, it is found at the scenic Wild Onion Ranch south of Manchaca. Expect long lines, sold-out items, and chefs offering special à la carte dishes.

Talented chefs line up on deck. Outside of Texas, notable is the prominence of seafood-focused spots.New England’s Andrew Taylor and Arlene Smith Eventide Oyster Company (Possibly East Coast Grilled Oysters?) Asheville Chef Ashley Shanty Black Appalachian/Southern/Soul Food pop-ups and upcoming restaurants delicious hot fish (Expect fried fish).Chava Orozco, chef at Mexico City’s essential Mexican restaurant Mi Compa ChavaMichael Cimarsti, chef of two Michelin-starred seafood restaurants in Los Angeles providence.

A man slicing meat outside.

Beto Robredo of Quantos Tacos slicing meat at Al Fuego at Hot Rack in 2022.
Alison Naro

Two people squeeze lime on tacos.

People lime their tacos at Hot Luck’s Al Fuego in 2022.
Alison Naro

And other out-of-Texas chefs to check out include Oakland Restaurant’s Kickapoo Nation chef, Krystal Wapepa. Wapepa’s Kitchen (If she served wild rice and bison chili, that would be great).Alon Shaya, chef at Israeli restaurant in New Orleans mackerel New Orleans and Safta In Denver (hummus is a nasty event dish, but his hummus is very good).Chuy Villarreal, Chef at Meaty Mexican Restaurant in Monterrey, Mexico Cala de Vaca (Perhaps they’ll make northern-style pork tamales, and again, nothing to do with raw fire, but the guava pie would be perfect for the Texas heat).Twin Cities pastry chef Diane Moore (I would like the brown sugar boba vartte with raspberry jam, please).Auckland Arabian Bakery Chef Reem Asir Ream’swith Chef Eric Williams of Chicago’s Southern Restaurant virtue.

california winery Russ Harrasof Eric Wareheim Joel Bart will also cook (probably) hamburger?) as well as popular wines.

Austin players to watch include Egyptian barbecue truck Kareem El Gaish KG BBQ (Pomegranate crusted pork ribs would be great).Amanda Turner of Southern Restaurant Oramaye (But I’m glad she brought her back Dungeons & Dragons themed fried chicken sandwich); Ariana Cuanto at a Japanese restaurant home (Expect something sweet and smoky).Fermín Nuñez, head of the team’s new spot, a Mexican seafood restaurant Esthetic; Olamiee’s Michael Fojtasek previews Albert Hotel to be built in Fredricksburg It has been pinned to include a BBQ restaurant appropriate for this event.

A pile of crab claws.

Crab Claw Pile in Al Fuego, Hot Luck, 2022.
Ismael Quintanilla III

A person who puts meat into a smoker with tongs.

In 2022, a meat-sucker at Hot Luck’s Al Fuego.
Chad Wadsworth

Roasted skewers of long pieces of meat.

In 2022, smoke meat at Al Fuego at Hot Rack.
hotluck festival

People serving refreshments at a food festival.

People serving refreshments at Al Fuego, Hot Rack, 2022.
hotluck festival

There is no shuttle from mainland Austin to Manchaca, but parking and rideshare transportation is only available at a separate parking lot at nearby Akins High School, which operates a free shuttle bus that transports attendees to the grounds. I’m here. The ranch itself does not have a parking lot.
where: Wild Onion Ranch, 12112 Old San Antonio Road, Manchaca, Texas.Parking and Drop-off Location: Akins High School, 10801 Old San Antonio Road, Manchaca, Texas
when: 7:00pm to 10:00pm (entrance for entire enchilada is at 6:30pm)
access: All-Access Enchilada Entire Pass OR Adults $250 / 13-20 years old $125 / Children $50 12 and under a la carte tickets

There are five concerts scheduled tonight, but only the really fun shows, including psychedelic rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers, rock and punk band Sheer Mag, and sensual alternative indie band Pleasure Venom! It’s worth setting up a shop for one night to enjoy.
where: Mohican912 Red River Street, Downtown
when: Doors open at 8pm, show kicks off at 9pm on the bandstand with Pleasure Venom, Sheer Mag at 10pm and Frankie and the Witchfingers at 11pm.
access: All-Access Enchilada Entire Pass OR $18 a la carte ticket

A person in a sequined jacket is in front of a microphone.

Sailor Poon made an appearance in 2022’s Hot Luck.
Jackie Lee Young

A person wearing a cloak-like jumpsuit is singing.

Magnifico will perform at Hot Luck in Mohawk in 2022.
Ismael Quintanilla III

Sunday, May 28th

For a final concert, go on the daytime free route by country rock band Country Worms and country singer Jonathan Terrell.
where: noon2000 East Cesar Chavez Street, Holly
when: Doors open and show starts at Country Worms at 5pm
access: All-access enchilada-wide pass, or a simple free pass

Monday, May 29th

Now is the time to relax and get involved Austin Memorial Day Weekend Events If that’s your hobby and/or if you have the bandwidth.

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