Hot sauce, whiskey, or cash — what’s in your doomsday go bag? Americans react to latest TikTok trends


People in the Big Apple told Fox News what to put in their doomsday bag after social media was inundated with videos calling for preparations for the doomsday.

Justin, an Ohio native, told Fox News, “I had Lego bricks in my bag so I could do something.

But New Yorker Lisa had other ideas.

“Maybe a really good Scotch,” she said.

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TikTok is filled with people showing what they’re packing in their doomsday bags and where they can be purchased. train derailmentChinese spy balloons and UFO hysteria, social media users claim it’s time to prepare for the worst.


“Basic resources such as food make sense, but I’d rather invest my money … so I can actually get the resources,” Sidin said on a visit to New York City on Fox. “I’d rather have physical cash or assets if something goes wrong,” he told News.

A woman sharing her end-of-life plans

New York City native Ebony tells Fox News what she packs in her doomsday bag.

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online doomsday prepper He encourages everyone to be prepared by showing bags filled with canned food, water, and medicine.

“I’m going to pack a lot of guns,” Bradley, a Detroit native, told Fox News.

John Ramey, founder of The Prepared, said about 15 million Americans are actively preparing, up about 8% in recent years. CBS news.

Ebony, a New York City native, told Fox News, “It’s definitely hot sauce, because it makes everything tastier.”

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New Jersey man shares doomsday bag

The New Jersey native says he only wants his favorite sports team to win.

But one man visiting from New Jersey was more concerned about him. favorite soccer team win.

“Probably a Super Bowl victory for the Eagles,” he told Fox News.


And the Rochester native, Nylea, was packing to look her best.

“My favorite sneaker,” she said. “Just in case, change your clothes, or make it fit your clothes better.”

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