How ‘The Last of Us’ bill built a post-apocalyptic world

Have you ever woken up at night and lay down wondering how you were doing? actual What’s the fare in a post-apocalyptic world? Like Jim in the movie, can you handle zombie contingencies and guide groups of survivors across the country to potential safety? 28 days later or do you Just head to your hometown for an end-of-day lock-in. Shaun of the Dead-style?

That’s what Bill (Nick Offerman) said in Episode 3. The Last of Us Obviously thinking a lot. A self-proclaimed survivalist – they hate the word “preppers” – he’s ready to live alone. That was until another man, Frank, was trapped behind barbed wire in his residence. He accepts him into his home, life and heart.

However, Bill manages to stop a global cordyceps plague before gaining contact with a human he didn’t realize was missing all along. Here’s how Bill managed to lead a fascinating life, and some ideas that you should probably write down.



escape forced expulsion

While the FEDRA wipes out (and apparently massacres) everyone in Bill’s town, Bill is locked in a bunker with surveillance cameras installed around the house to check for intruders. “Not today, you New World Order bastard,” he said with a laugh, surrounded by enough guns, ammunition, and books on guns and ammunition to sustain a few battalions.

go out robbery

With no one around him or never coming back, taking what he can get is effectively a victimless crime. Bill is the first in the truck to fill up oil tanks, load DIY and household items, and even set up a gas plant for extra energy. A monster generator means his house is off-grid, but is fully connected to power.

live on the fat of the earth

A true survivalist uses the land and nature everywhere, Bill uses his chainsaw and ax to cut down trees for timber, and his green fingers grow delicious vegetables. can be seen. Meanwhile, all of his gun training means he can hunt down dinner, his butcher cuts are worthy of working in a top restaurant, and so is his cooking…

real men cook dinner

no canned roast chicken Here: gourmet everywhere. Thanks to his seasoned skills in the kitchen, meals are a treat, Chez Ville, why not? Cordon If he ever had the chance to teach himself how to make bleu, this is it. If anyone can share it…



Introduced a complete security system

decent home security It is important. Similar to the aforementioned tripwire (which brilliantly drives fungal-headed zombies into oblivion), his booby-trapped hole successfully traps Frank, who turns out to be his soulmate. Prove. It’s always nice to give fate a helping hand.

Don’t forget to drink at the end

What’s the point of living in a plague-ridden world if you can’t enjoy the finest wines known to mankind? And Bill is a man who knows the combination of rabbit and Beaujolais. If this is the New World Order, where should he register?

The Last Of Us airs weekly on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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