How To Find All Prepper Stash Locations In Whitetail Mountains In Far Cry 5

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Far Cry 5‘s Prepper Stashes are valuable targets for any player. Resources aren’t easy to come across in Hope County, and it’s absolutely worth the effort to seek these convenient caches.

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The fact is, though, it can be a lot of effort. Several of the Whitetail Mountains Prepper Stashes (devious as ever) are located in the mountains and cliffs, meaning that traversal via grapple is crucial to accessing them. To save players all the hard work of seeking them out, this guide details the locations of all seven Prepper Stashes in the Whitetail Mountains, making it easy for players to obtain the huge payout from each one of them.

Map Of Whitetail Mountains Prepper Stashes

Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Map Marked With Prepper Stash Locations

1. Mayday

Far Cry 5 site of vehicle crash

Mayday begins at Rattlesnake Trail Bridge, west of Cedar Lake, up in the mountains. First, follow the path into the mountains to the bridge, then follow the red markers along the path further up the trail. There will be plenty of grappling as well, such as grappling onto a broken bridge. Once you’re grappled under the bridge, turn slightly to the right and swing into a small clearing with some climbing rocks. Jump across the broken bridge and continue to follow the markers up the trail.

There will be various rocks to climb and gaps to grapple across, until you reach the cliff where the plane wreck is located. Deal with the scavengers, then search for the lockbox key. It is located further up on a small hill past the wreck, sitting in a broken crate. Unlock the box and collect your hard-won prize.

2. Hangar Pains

Far Cry 5 Landsdowne Airstrip building

Head to Landsdowne Airstrip northeast of the F.A.N.G. Center. Head to the tall electrical pole near the airstrip and grapple to the top. From there, you’ll want to wingsuit to the roof of the building and drop through the skylight. A snazzy new plane will be waiting inside the building, along with a ton of loot. To take the plane, activate the door control on the right wall, which will open the hangar door.

3. The Holdouts

Far Cry 5 outside the Elliot Residence

The Elliot Residence is located south of the F.A.N.G. Center. Once you get there, you will notice that a few cultists have been killed on the property and that others are calling for them through the radio. They will say that they’re sending reinforcements to the Elliot Residence, so be prepared for a fight.

First, go around the back of the house and climb up onto the overhang where there’s a break in the barbed wire. Climb in through the broken window and out through the bathroom window on the other side of the house. Turn right and climb through another broken window, then head downstairs into the kitchen. The keycard for the stash will be on the floor. Deal with the cultists who show up, then unlock the stash in the shed out back.

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4. Salvage Rites

Far Cry 5 underwater exploration

There is a Salvage Camp on a small island east of Clagett Boathouse. Head there, and the key to the lockbox will be underwater at the site of the the fourth flare marking the plane wreck on the side of a drop-off. It is deeper than the other flares, so it may take a little time to locate.

The Human Fish perk, which allows you to hold your breath longer and swim faster, is invaluable here.

5. Gone Squatchin’

Far Cry 5 wooden building in forest clearing

Head to Dansky Cabin, located north between Valley View Overlook and Stone Ridge Chalet, situated in the mountains. From the cabin, follow the blood trail to the lookout bridge, where there will be another note leading you deeper into the mountains. Following more blood, grapple and climb up to a small cliff, where you will find the unfortunate Dansky dead. Collect his keycard and head back down to the cabin to collect the stash.

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6. Unwelcome Guest

Far Cry 5 a small house on empty land

Frank’s Cabin is even higher in the mountains, and while getting the stash isn’t much of a puzzle, the real challenge here is just getting to the cabin itself. It is located southwest of Dansky Cabin, but at a higher elevation. If you head around the back of Dansky Cabin following the trail, there will be a few cliffs to grapple up to the road. Follow the road south until you see the Rest Area. From there, head up a small incline on the side of the road, which will lead you into the mountains overlooking Frank’s Cabin. Follow the mountain trail until you reach a small campsite, then use your binoculars to look southwest and find the cabin. Once you’ve discovered it with your binoculars, you can either fast travel there or parachute down.

As for the stash itself, head up a hill behind the cabin until you reach a bear den. Frank is inside the cave, dead, with his keycard next to him. Head back to the cabin, or grapple up to the platform in front of the cave and zipline back, collecting loot along the way. Unlock the cabin door and collect the stash.

7. Cliffhanger

Far Cry 5 clifftops

Cliffhanger at Ozhigwen Falls is another tough one to get to. The main bridge over the falls is located north of Hawkeye Tunnel, but at the base of the falls there is a crashed truck on fire. Find the note from Ted to Ian and the lockbox, then grapple and climb up various cliffs and rocks until you reach the underside of the bridge over Ozhigwen Falls. Ted will be up there with the key near his body. Head back down to the truck and collect the loot.

Additionally, depending on which direction you come from, you can head under the main bridge first, finding the key and then heading down the cliffs to the truck in this classic Far Cry treasure hunt.

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