how to survive the first night


When you find yourself in the wilderness and surrounded by carnivorous cannibals, all you really have is survival and hope. It doesn’t stop regardless. The worst scenario a player can face is being stuck in the dark with few resources and little survival knowledge.

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Not to worry. This comprehensive guide will teach you not only the skills needed to survive the first night, but also how to pitch a tent or shelter, and keep you and your teammates safe during your stay in the harsh wilderness as they call it. Learn how to find resources for wood”.

how to survive the first night

sons of the forest helicopter ride introduction screenshots

As the story begins, you are in a scenic helicopter ride with two other teammates, Fisheye and Kelvin.

I find myself idly scratching my head with the remaining helicopters and teammates. Debris and supplies are scattered around the crash site along with Kelvin.

looking for kelvin

Sons of the Forest Kelvin Helicopter Crash Breeding

Finding and rescuing Kelvin is the first step to a successful forest night survival. Kelvin can be found dozing a few meters away from the helicopter crash site. Kelvin is still alive, but a horrific helicopter accident apparently left him with a severe concussion and injuries. He has a concussion and can’t speak, but he’s not useless. Kelvin can track, wait, collect, or clear areas, making him the ideal companion for your first night in the woods.

collect supplies

Sands of the Forest Freshwater Source Crafted Spear

Once you and Kelvin are both on your feet, it’s time to gather all the resources, tools and food you’ll need for your first night in the woods. At the time of the crash, these supplies were scattered over the snow-covered peaks and crash site. Thoroughly research the area to find resources as you may need them before you expect them. To make your first night safe, please note the following:

emergency pack

First and foremost. This tool bag is automatically retrieved when you regain consciousness in the snowy mountains. This small bag of tools includes a hatchet, GPS, and a survival handbook. All essential equipment if you want to survive beyond the first few hours.


Medicines and pills discarded during the helicopter crash can be found in surrounding supply creations. These are needed when a player is injured and needs pain relief.

food ration

Food ration packs can be found among the many items scattered around the crash site. Keeping this safe and secure is very important on day one. This saves you and Kelvin from having to hunt for food, allowing you to focus on other important tasks like building shelters or making fires.


Sticks are essential in any survival situation as they offer multiple benefits. The sticks not only work as tarp tent posts, but they can also be folded in half and used as a campfire crater. This can be done in minutes and is essential for providing light, warmth, and the ability to cook food in survival situations. is essential.


A tarp sheet is really valuable to get through the first night. Combed with one or four sticks, the tarp not only provides shelter from the harsh conditions a player may face, but also provides a safe, dry place to rest and sleep. You can pitch your tent.

This is also how you save the game before building a wooden shelter. This little tent can be set up almost anywhere as long as you have the necessary resources and the terrain is suitable. This is the easiest, beginner-friendly way to have a solid place to save your progress and of course spend the night safe from the rain.

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find the ideal place

Sons of the Forest Woodlands Screenshots

Once you’ve located Kelvin and collected all supplies from the surrounding crash sites, you can head out of the cold snowy mountains and begin your descent. The goal is to find a B team, but we recommend setting up your camp and pitching your tent as soon as possible. This is more difficult to do in the dark, as you will most likely have to fight off the cannibals lurking inside the B team. night sky.


When building any type of camp, you should always be aware of your surroundings. For example, if you’re building a log cabin or hunting shelter that requires lumber and logs, consider setting up your camp in an area surrounded by trees. These trees will provide you with the materials you need while also saving you time going back and forth to the logs.

Maximize Kelvin’s abilities and save time and effort by commanding him to gather logs and start a fire.


Building camps near or next to freshwater sources is one of the most effective ways to survive. Not only can you drink this water when you’re thirsty to keep you energized, but you can also fish in Kelvin while saving some sun and time at Build Camp.


Depending on the depth of water in question, you can easily command Kelvin to catch fish if possible. Players can also catch fish with crafted spears that can be easily crafted in their inventory by combining sticks and tape.

Rocks & Stones

Rocks and stones are scattered everywhere in the forest. These can be used when building a fortified fire at your campsite. Consider asking Kelvin to collect rocks from the surrounding area while you focus on planning and building your own perfect base.


Nourishment and food supplies are essential to survival in a hostile environment. During your journey through the forest, you can find many different animals, some of which are easy to catch. Once you’ve set up camp and found a site, hunt wildlife like rabbits, squirrels and turtles. Making animal traps is one of the easiest ways to catch prey. Various traps are listed in the architectural picture book.

tarp tent

Collect tarp sheets at the helicopter crash site to easily pitch a small tent, save your progress and rest. This tent may not seem the most sophisticated, but it works and makes perfect sense when you find yourself stranded in the wilderness. A great way to save and let the player rest, but it’s still easily exposed to outside conditions and enemies.

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