Hunter Biden Shows Art at Georges Berge Galleries and Gets Familiar with the New York Post


Hunter Biden was feeling smug when he snuggled up to The Post at a gallery in Manhattan on Thursday night to show off his expensive artwork.

of eldest son hurt by scandal Throwing his arms around the Post’s reporters outside Soho’s Georges Berge Gallery, he invited him to a friends and family-only event ahead of Friday’s opening show featuring his latest paintings.

“Buddy, what’s your name? Who are you with?” the president’s son asked the reporter.

The reporter revealed that he was a journalist for the Post, and his eldest son-turned-painter made a friendly invitation.

“Would you like to come into the gallery at 6 and take a look without taking out your phone?” Mr. Biden asked as he put his arm around the reporter’s shoulder and led him to the door.

Biden, 52, turned away when asked how much money his father, President Biden, made from business deals with China and Ukraine.

Thursday’s soft opening showcased the young Biden’s latest creations, including sheet metal abstracts depicting flowers and vibrant birds.

Hunter Biden cuddled up with reporter Kyle Schnitzer.
Stephen Yang of the NY Post

“Painted and washed.

Biden refused to explain his work to the Post, instead asking about reporters and shaking hands. He asked to remember that he has his family when the paper writes about his eldest son.

His past art prices have ranged from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000 for large-scale paintings, art dealer Berges previously said.

Hunter Biden views his work at the George Berges Gallery in Soho.
Hunter Biden turned away when asked how much money Joe made from his deals with China and Ukraine.
Stephen Yang
Hunter Biden and George Bergs in the gallery.

Hunter Biden and George Bergs in the gallery.

hunter art

Some art critics say Biden’s work wouldn’t be worth the price it would have been without his name.

Biden’s artistic career has raised concerns in the past as ethics experts warned that the sale was vulnerable to issues involving those seeking to influence the Biden administration.

But art critics praise Biden’s workbut some said the pieces wouldn’t carry the same price tag without the names attached to them.

He turned to visual arts Illicit dealings with countries like China and Ukraine, and drug addiction scandals.

hunter biden painting
Hunter Biden’s art has drawn concern from ethics experts in the past.
Kyle Schnitzer/NY Post
Hunter Biden views his work at the George Bergès Gallery.
Hunter Biden admires his work at the George Bergès Gallery
Stephen Yang of the NY Post

Documents Leaked from Biden’s Laptop Suggested his father was scheduled for a 10% cut From a commercial deal that reportedly involved a Chinese state-owned energy company that paid Joe’s brother James Biden $4.8 million in 2017 and 2018.

President Biden denied even discussing his son’s business dealings and said he never received any payment from them. China, Kazakhstan, Mexico,Russia, Ukraine.


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