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Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

This is a pretty amazing hack for if you’re going through any emergency situation and especially a hurricane.

A tiktok user posted a video recently that showed them strapping a headlamp onto a milk jug…

Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

The milk jug needs to be full of water though…

Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

And then all you have to do is just turn on the headlamp.


Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

That’s sure going to light up any room in a time of need!  Folks were impressed and look, this could really be a simple hack to save your life!

Here’s the full video:


Hurricane prep! @Kc Davis #idalia #tropicalstorm #tropicalstormidalia #hurricaneprep

♬ original sound – Sick Bitch

Here’s what folks thought:

Some are really impressed as the water has lit that light right up!

Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

Cellphones and bottles of water! Who knew!

Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

Looks like others already discovered this prep trick!

Source: TikTok//@sick_af_

A handy hack for a tough situation, for sure!

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