I’m a landlord — my tenant didn’t take out trash for a year

She’s the trashiest tenant he’s ever encountered. 

A landlord named Xie from Qingdao in Shandong Province, China, was stunned when he entered the apartment of a resident who hadn’t taken out her trash for more than a year.

Video of his dirty discovery, filmed Aug. 10 and obtained by Newsflare, shows the female tenant, who has not been named publicly, sitting among heaps of trash while playing on her phone as another woman clears the junk in her apartment.

The trash in the home was piled so high, it reached the windows. 

And the scent coming from the garbage pile was litter-ally the worst Xie had ever encountered — he said he thought he might vomit.

The trash was even worse than shown in the video Xie said, explaining he’d already cleaned some of it up before they filmed the grime scene. 

After five hours of trash pickup, the apartment was finally clean.

The tenant was given a few days to find a new place to live, as well as some financial compensation, though her standards appear to be very low. 

A woman plays on her phone surrounded by piles of trash while another woman picks up after her.
Trash was piled as high as the woman’s windows.
The woman’s landlord said the smell was so putrid he thought he might vomit.

When she lived at the apartment, she slept in the same small spot where she is seen sitting in the video. 

Hoarding trash may seem like a rare occurrence but it’s just one of several horror stories out there about dirty living. 

Last year, a landlord in England evicted one of his trash-collecting tenants and was shocked to find snakes, scorpions and tarantulas among the “horrific” display of garbage. 

After five hours of cleaning, the apartment was finally cleared.
The woman seems nonplussed by the garbage around her.

Another tenant in the UK reportedly buried his home in 600 beer cans — and a person-sized pile of poop. 

And, finally, a couple was excited to move into their new dream home but were disgusted when they arrived to discover that the old tenant left them some housewarming gifts.

The sink was filled with dishes, the toilet with poop — and the prior tenant also left a mound of used underwear. 


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