Informant reportedly behind Maddy McCann re-hunting: officials


May 24, 2023 | 2:57 PM

Search for Evidence Concerning Madeline McCann The incident at a remote Portuguese reservoir was reportedly sparked by information from a “highly credible” informant.

German and Portuguese authorities are investigating Suspect Christian Bruckner The team continues to explore the area around the Arade Dam, about 45 minutes from the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz, where three-year-old Maddie went missing in 2007.

Overnight, the Portuguese publication Expresso reported that the search was based on “information from a BKA informant whom the police consider highly credible.”

“The informant gave investigators details of what the German police are taking very seriously.”

The BKA is Germany’s federal investigative agency, the equivalent of the FBI in the United States.

Three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007.

Expresso said the information came from sources “close to the investigation.”

evidence found at the scene This may provide an important link to the photographic evidence that placed Brolückner near the dam in 2007.

Work at the beginning of the second day focused on clearing vegetation near the shoreline using streamers to clear the area for search teams.

Police are looking for evidence that points to a significant link to photographic evidence that placed Christian Bruckner near the dam in 2007.

Later, as logging continued near a Ford Ranger pickup truck parked just above the pre-drought waterline, police officers appeared with rakes.

Two more police officers, one with a Nikon camera and the other with a clipboard, recorded evidence photos in bright sunlight near the azure lake.

Police dogs also joined the search and were led closer to the coastline.

Kate and Jerry McCann pose with a missing computer-generated poster depicting the age progression of their still-missing daughter.

When deployed, the Frogman faces the grueling task of groping through near-black water in search of evidence and human remains.

A drought is lowering water levels in reservoirs, and the worst drought in years is expected to be key for police to secure a breakthrough.

Bruckner, 45, is known to regularly park his yellow and white VW camper van in a parking lot near the water’s edge.

“The search is being taken very seriously and is fully controlled by the German side,” a Portuguese source told The Sun newspaper.

“They were so sensitive to this information that they didn’t even reveal the exact location of the search area until just before work began.

“They asked the Portuguese police officers who were assisting them to find the evidence, specifically the rags.”

Jim Gamble is Britain’s chief child protection officer and oversaw the investigation into the Madeleine case that led to the creation of the London Metropolitan Police’s current investigation, Operation Grange.

He told The Sun newspaper: To find out what happened to Madeleine. ”

“They must have something definite.”

Police and investigative teams arrive at the scene of Barrehem de Alade.
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The search team used streamers to clear vegetation near the coastline and focused on clearing the area.

The team scours beaches and underwater for evidence.
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A police dog that searches areas near the coastline.

But Marcos Aragao Correia, the lawyer who organized the first submerged search of the reservoir, said he thinks it would be a “miracle” if Muddy was found.

Correia, 47, said she received information from her “underworld” contacts that Madi had been dumped in a “foggy and deserted lake”.

He organized a team of British divers to personally trek into desolate reservoirs, but the cashback from the activity quickly ran out in 2008.

Bruckner is currently in prison for raping a US pensioner in Praia da Luz in 2005.

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