Jake Roberts wants AEW to use him to help talent interview skills


Jake Roberts has a wealth of wrestling knowledge and hopes AEW will utilize him more to help the talent in Mike’s work.Roberts discussed the issue in the latest version of his Snakepit podcast Ad Free Showsyou can check some highlights below 9w (per Fightful):

About wanting to help AEW talent with promotions: “There’s not a lot of interaction with young talent. There are a few people at AEW who welcome me to be a part. They’re all nice, don’t get me wrong, but that’s it. I want more. I want more.” I know how to do that and I’m sure I can help a few people who are struggling so I hope AEW will use me in a position to help people in their interviews. But he’s never been a great person.

“Dory Funk once said to me, ‘If you ever thought you were the perfect match,’ this is how I feel about interviews.” If you think you’re the perfect match, you’re no longer eligible to be in the ring.There’s no such thing as a perfect match.You can always do better.It’s the same with interviews.”

About Jon Moxley: “I saw him on the mic and knew what he was doing. He never asked me for help. , processing it. He gave some interviews that I thought were incredibly good.”

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